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DIY Leather Bookmark

DIY Leather bookmark

Is summer reading still a thing if you’re not in school?  The difference now I guess is that it’s entirely by choice??  Maybe it’s the increased leisure time like quiet moments poolside or at the beach, but I get the inclination to read more during this season.  I also want to mention that the very idea of even making a bookmark supports that I keep it old school and read from paper.  Just a personal preference over e-readers!

I previously made some bookmarks out of cardstock and have since thought about coming up with a sturdier + modern version.  Also going along with exploring this month’s Michaels Makers challenge of covering a favorite trend, I went with using two of my forever favorites: leather and tassels.

tooling leather
leather lace
-suede leather
cutting mat
leather punch
Rotary Cutter
X-ACTO knife

Leather cutWorking on top of a cutting mat, use the rotary cutter and ruler to cut a piece of leather about 1 inch wide.

Leather measure

About six inches down from the top, trace out measurements with a ruler and pencil for a flag shape.  Use the X-ACTO knife and ruler to cut along the diagonal lines.  You may need to go over the lines a few times to cut through the leather all the way.

leather punch and lace

Punch a 4.5mm hole in the flat end side of the leather, then string a piece of leather lace through the hole.

suede cut

Use the rotary cutter to cut out a 1×1.75″ piece of suede leather.  With the X-ACTO knife, cut lines down one side of the suede to create the fringe.  Again, you probably have to repeatedly slide the knife over each line to cut completely through.

suede tassel

Apply a line of glue down the non-fringed side of the suede, then place the suede lace on top of the glue at one end.  Roll up the suede like a burrito all the way, squeezing tightly and wiping off any excess glue that might ooze out.  Hold the tassel tight and let it dry a little before letting go and letting dry completely.

DIY leather bookmark with suede tassel-2

Ooo, makes you want to go and read something, no?  Much more than receipts or junk mail would, though I absolutely know I’ll still use those when I’m not in a position to reach for this bookmark, ha.

Leather bookmark DIY

So it’s another small detail added to my world of seeking simple and minimal design.  The little things do make a difference, I’ll always believe that!

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9 comments on “DIY Leather Bookmark”

  1. This is such a cute idea! I love the idea of DIY’ing a bookmark and this is definitely something that I could see myself doing as well! Love your aesthetic btw, totally on point xx

    Emily | bambisbeautyblogs.com

  2. Where do you purchase your leather? I am only able to find pleather in the fabric stores.

  3. Adorable! Any titles your recommend for the summer? I just finished a Jodi Picoult and new a new book asap!! (Hate the few days right after you finish a great book, so lonely somehow… I have friends, I swear haha)

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I haven’t read a book in a while though where I felt like I couldn’t pull away from it, guh, I miss that feeling! So no recommendations over here :( On my list though is Sphinx by Anne Garreta- I’ve heard very good things!

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