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DIY Floral and Glitter Pumpkins

Floral and glitter pumpkinsPumpkin project #2!  Glitzy, girly, and sure enough had to share this one over at the Pottery Barn Teen blog, The Stylehouse.  I always love doing PBteen DIYs because they encourage me to do things like bust out the glitter, which I actually haven’t ever done before on the blog, and now I’m remembering why…

From this one little project, glitter has managed to get onto every inch and corner of my apartment. including my boyfriend’s face.  I noticed the glimmering speck on his cheek while we were out for lunch shortly after completing this craft, and no, I didn’t tell him about it.  This is not at all a complaint, but rather a realization of how rare these glitter fests are around here, and how looking at these adorable pumpkins (and my boyfriend’s face) reminds me that the holidays are indeed worth bringing about this fabulous glitter invasion.

If you’re looking to inhale some glitter this season too, check out my tutorial for these cuties at the PBteen blog!  If you’re wondering about the floral design, it’s yet again from Rifle Paper (favorite) which you can find here.

DIY Floral and glitter no carve pumpkins

34 comments on “DIY Floral and Glitter Pumpkins”

    1. So funny, I think most everyone thought these were painted, but the floral design is actually paper! I wish I was able to tpaint a design like that haha. Thanks, Cassandra!

  1. These are sooooo lovely!! I know what you mean about glitter. I have a daughter and right now that is what she is into! Glitter everything! So its everywhere.. We’re a house that sparkles! LOL
    Great post!!

  2. So pretty, Amy! I hear you on the glitter, my boyfriend is always whining about glitter ‘everywhere’, but I don’t see it as a bad thing. I think it makes things look magical. You’ve got me inspired to bust out my glitter set this weekend :). Also love the your idea with the floral paper! It’s complements the glittered pumpkins perfectly!

    1. Thanks, Lusine! Luckily boyfriend didn’t complain at all actually, but I guess that’s because he didn’t realize how much the glitter became a part of him lol! Glitter set sounds intense- I’m not at that level yet!

  3. Wow, what can I say? I love these glitter pumpkins! And the floral pumpkin is beautiful. I’ll have to see what I have in my glitter supplies! I’m standing by to see what you do next!

    1. Thank you, Jane! I’m a little glittered out, but I’ve got these pumpkins to enjoy for a while ;) Next up definitely isn’t a glitter project haha!

  4. Love these! This is much more my style instead of the classic fall decorations. If I decorate for fall, I must do these. I love finding glitter in random places way after I’ve packed up my supplies. My favourite is finding it on my boyfriend’s face/hair too hahaha…


    1. Thahnks, Sarah! I totally know what you mean. I do love traditional decor but always like to step away from it just a bit.
      Glitter is best on boyfriends <3

    1. Thank you so much, Erica! I’m still finding specks of gold glitter all around the apartment, so, maybe I’ve had enough for a little while haha.

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