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Black and White Workspaces

About that workspace redo I’m working on- it’s currently my main focus as I’m trying to get it done first out of all my home projects and it feels right to talk about the inspo for it, so let’s!  Black and white, my friends.  Not only is this about my love for monochrome, but for Nordic design as well.  I can’t get enough of the modern minimalism, and while I think I’ll be trying forever to actually master the minimalism part, I believe the feeling can at least be achieved with a neutral palette and clean lines.

A few of my favorites:

black and white desk

black and white office

black and white workspace

Contemplating on updating to the String Shelving System, which I’ve been obsessing over for a while, but my current shelving option is feeling good too…

black bracketsRight now I have this exact set up only with different colors.  The plan is to get the white shelves and paint the brackets black like this (or white, still deciding).  But also still deciding on the String System hmmm..

black wall

A black accent wall like this would be sick.  Can’t paint our walls, but still love the look.



string system desk

String System again.  I love how the whole unit is essentially decorative shelving but can accommodate a tabletop for desk-like use.  Man I like that.  Very good for a situation like mine where the workspace is in the living room.

grey wall

I’m very into gray as well.  I think I shared this space in a previous Friday Finds post and it still makes me stop and stare.

black white desk

That Hay grid box… came so close to hunting it down recently but didn’t work out.  I did do a DIY to cope with giving up on finding one (I refuse to pay sky-high shipping charges) but I still find myself wanting the real deal.  It’s just a box sure, but did you know that I’m obsessed with boxes??

Terribly excited to finally apply these design elements I’ve admired for so long but never put to action.  Are you liking any of these spaces more than the others?


Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

8 comments on “Black and White Workspaces”

  1. Hi.
    Maybe I can help you with that box.
    How much are you willing to pay for shipping?
    I live in Denmark so they are easy to get your hands on here, and it seems like you really want it ;)

    1. The other issue is that wall is shared with our entry and I wouldn’t want that entire wall black! But definitely a good idea with the wallpaper.

  2. Ooooh! I like the ones with the black walls/backsplash. The one with chalkboard paint for To Do listing is especially awesome. Some great inspiration for future workpace creation efforts.

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