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Art Source: Artfully Walls

Art Gallery Wall 1I’m signing off on all the gallery wall talk with one final topic, which is about my favorite source for art ever.  If you’ve already seen my gallery wall and looked at the sources, you might have noticed that a good amount of the art is from Artfully Walls which, you guessed it, is my favorite source for art.  Ever.

I first came across Artfully Walls through my obsession with Britt Bass Turner’s work.  All I was looking for was the Navy Geo print, then somehow I got lost in browsing the entire stock of art on the site.  I felt it right away, that there’s something so thoughtful and unique in every piece and in the way collections were curated.  That, in addition to some nifty features, created an experience with art I’ve never had before.  In short, it rocked my world.

Art Source- Artfully Walls

The wall designer is by far the most helpful tool I came across for planning my gallery wall.  It allows you to add any art from the site to a mock wall, choose a frame and mat for each piece, and move the art around so you can figure out an arrangement you like.  I did that here with the art I picked for my wall-

My picksSources:  Divide |  Aurora | Golden Field | Warm Geos | Noose | Navy Geo

Even though my wall wasn’t going to be entirely made up of Artfully Walls pieces, doing this really helped give direction for the rest of my wall.  I also mostly used the wall designer to narrow down my picks because I had way too many favorites.  The mobile app especially helped with this.

wall designer appLogging in to the mobile app automatically loaded the work I did in the wall designer.  After specifying how far I was standing from the wall, the art appeared on the screen for me to drag around and position, as if it were really on my wall.  So cool, right??  I love it whenever tech and design join forces.

Here’s another wall with some honorable mentions.

Soft BluesSources: Amy (that name… c’mon, now) | Gust | Bat Watch at Nightfall | Bluebeard | Fragile

My initial plans for my gallery wall included incorporating soft blues, then somewhere along the line that got knocked out by pink, which is so strange for me because I have never considered pink a favorite color of mine.  Still, there’s some pink in some of these pieces and I really dig the way it pairs with blue.

One more wall, this time by Artfully Walls, and I had to share because it’s stunning and in my favorite colors.

monochromatic melancholy

Sources: Black Wreath | Black Glitter Etching | Grandeur | Young Lady | Splat | Out of Shape

Early on I had also considered going completely black and white with my gallery wall, and it’s walls like these that make me sure I’ll have to do it in the future.  I want all of it!!  These pieces are from a collection recently curated by Michelle Adams, which I also love every single one of her picks.  The theme here, clearly, is that I love everything.

What do you think, guys?  Even if you’re not on the hunt for new art, it’s so much fun just browsing and creating one-of-a-kind digital gallery walls.  Hopefully my idea of a good time isn’t too far off from yours ;).  Give the wall designer a try, and let me know about any favorites you see!


Thanks to Artfully Walls for partnering with me!  Check out more of my favorites in the widget below.

9 comments on “Art Source: Artfully Walls”

  1. Oh! I am totally behind on my blog reading and somehow missed your gallery wall. It is SO LOVELY! Thanks for sharing more about this awesome art source, it’s so good to know where to look when getting art! Also, the big black and white piece and the yellow/pink one next to it are just fantastic.

    1. Ah, so glad you made it here anyway ;). And I totally had a moment too when I paired those two pieces together. It was like everything clicked and worked from there. You see what I see <3. Thanks, Marlene!

  2. I am totally in love with your gallery wall! I have a wall that has been sitting empty since we moved in (over 5 years ago). It is the perfect place to hang a gallery wall but I haven’t actually planned out what I am going to put there. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Oh you are going to have so much fun, and also maybe make the hardest decisions of your life. I’d love to see it when it’s done!
      Thanks so much, Ashley!

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