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New Blog Design + What’s New Around Here


AAH!  It’s here!!  I’m SO excited to share with you guys something that’s been worked hard on behind the blog for a while now.  Forever ago I put it in the plans to update this site , which took some time to figure out exactly what I wanted because while there was a lot I liked about the previous design, there was much to be improved on, and the geniuses over at Blogzilla helped me bring more function to the site while keeping everything more streamlined and minimal.

Before I leave you to exploring and clicking around, there are a few cool things I want to point out!


I’m most excited about this one.  Up in the navigation bar there’s a “Shop” category with two drop down tabs, one to shop my home and the other to shop my favorites.

The shop my home page is something I’ve wanted to put up for a long time as a resource for all the faq’s I get about where I got what in my home.  Everything in my home that’s still sold in stores is listed there with photos, so check that out if you ever wondered where I got something!

The shop my favorites page is essentially a step towards my fantasy of curating my own shop.  I plan to regularly update this with my current favorite products and things I use or generally find awesome for home or personal style.  A lot of times I want to share cool finds here on the blog but they’re usually random and don’t go together and by the time I wait trying to come up with more items in a certain category to create a blog post that makes sense I’m just over it from impatience.  So, I’ll divert those kind of things to get listed in the shop, meaning drop in regularly on that for some interesting window shopping.


For so long this blog has needed a better way to navigate archived posts (and sometimes maybe not as I cringe over some of the really old ones HAHA), and the project gallery makes it possible to search ALL posts by category and sub-category.  Clicking on a category in the sidebar will also take you to this page like search results.


Crossing off a lot of big things on my list, this one being the biggest.  I have a legitimate newsletter now!  For now it means emails will continue being the best way to stay updated on new blog posts, but I also hope for this to become the primary way to talk to you guys directly about any fun announcements or exclusive stuff, or just to keep in touch and update you on things.  We’ll see!  No spam, I promise.  I’ve transferred over current email subscribers but if you want to be sure you’re on there or you want to join the party for the first time, sign up below:


MAJOR thanks to Blogzilla for customizing their gorgeous new Brooklyn theme for me, and to Molly (she’s 1/2 of Blogzilla) for taking the jumbled confused garbage in my head and turning it into a new logo that I love (it’s no mystery when I refer to the blog as HOM, right??)  There’s no one I trust more with design and I highly recommend you guys look into working with Blogzilla if your site needs a refresh.  I’ve always been a fan of their minimal and pretty themes and should have done this a very, very long time ago.

Hope you guys enjoy the site changes, and let me know if anything isn’t working right, including the newsletter!

10 comments on “New Blog Design + What’s New Around Here”

  1. So, now the blog looks exactly as any other Blogzilla theme/design. It doesn’t have personality, it doesn’t stand out. You can do better than this.

  2. Love love love…
    Tell me please what is the application or camera, ussualy youre using for photo at the top? Thanks !

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