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Happy Friday, friends!  Before I link all of this week’s finds, a new discovery of mine that made this week unique. At the beginning of this year, I wrote about my goals for 2015, and one of them was to walk more. Well guys, big announcement: I hadn’t made progress on that.  Oops.  That is until I got a Fitbit for my birthday… how is a step counter so much fun??  Anyone else have one of these?  Very cool how such a simple concept can motivate me to take more steps in a day.

Every night this week, boyfriend and I have been taking walks around the neighborhood out of motivation to reach my step goals, and it’s been swell, not only to move around outside but also to spend more time just talking about life, good reads, and jokes.  Thus, walking is a big deal to me now.  I’ve noticed it helps me sleep better, too.  I’ve always been really talented at sleeping, though.

So that was a big change this week!  As for the weekend, I’m excited about attending a DIY workshop on Saturday, which I’ll for sure share on Instagram, and a bbq at a friend’s, plus working ahead on some future blog project deadlines.  In summary, this weekend is going to go by so fast that it’s already over, ya know?

Ok ok didn’t mean to blabber so much!  Here are today’s finds:


Must do something cute like this with porcelain paint.

Did you know about all these iphone hacks?  I threw my mic on the ground after #1.

Can someone buy me this sofa kthxbye.

I was snapping my fingers (in my head) all throughout this post that touches on blogging and self-confidence.

A gorgeous deck makeover with I-can’t-believe-that’s-DIY’d DIYs.

I need this so I can eat cheese in style.

Super helpful post to help you solve your shelf styling problems.

The secret to never getting frustrated.

HAPPY WEEKEND.  Super cute Mother’s Day craft coming at ya on Monday.

8 comments on “Friday Finds”

  1. Love how you’ve got into walking so much! It’s something I’m trying to do lots of after being banned from any exerting exercise by my doctor after becoming pregnant. Will look into the gadget you mentioned. Hope you have a lovely weekend! x

    1. Eep, banned from exercise? Hope you’re alright! Walking should be a good alternative. Try looking into the Fitbit for sure. Hope you had a great weekend, Kate!

  2. I haven’t gone a day without using my FitBit since I bought it January 1st! I don’t get why it’s so fun. Walking is my preferred form of exercise for the exact reason you listed; I get to spend quality time sans electronics with my husband. Happy Friday (Loved that shelf explanation blog)

    1. I forgot to put it on the other day when I left to run errands all day and I was SO upset haha! Love that we both find it fun, and that we share the same reason for loving walks :)

  3. The hubs just got a Fitbit and I’m totally coveting one! It would be a great way to get me back to the way I would exercise when I decided to lose the “baby” weight from the kiddos… Something has to get me motivated! Good post Amy ;)

    1. The Fitbit is definitely motivating! You gotta be twinsies with your hubs. And with me :D
      Happy you enjoyed the post, Ursula!

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