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DIY Wire Heart Cupcake Toppers

DIY Gold Wire Heart Cupcake Toppers

This one falls under that category of just-for-fun-really-quick-festive-DIY-that’s-very-simple-and-easy-especially-if-it’s-the-last-minute.  If you’re handing out cupcakes this Valentine’s Day, or really anything that can be adorned with a heart, or just want to have something cute hanging around on your desk, take a few minutes to try out these gold wire hearts.


-gold wire
-needle nose pliers
-wire cutters
-mini wood dowels

Note: If you’re using a thinner wire, you won’t need the pliers since you’ll be able to use just your hands.

wire 1

Wrap the wire around the end of a small dowel at least two times around, using the pliers to clamp the wire tightly.

wire 2

Bend the wire into a heart shape using your hands or pliers as needed.

wire 3Use pliers to pinch in the center of the heart and make any other adjustments you need to by hand before cutting off the excess wire and tucking it behind the dowel.

gold wire hearts

DIY- Gold Wire Heart Cupcake Toppers

DIY - Gold Wire Heart Cupcake Toppers

DIY-Gold Heart Cupcake Toppers

Gold Wire Heart Cupcake Toppers DIY

8 comments on “DIY Wire Heart Cupcake Toppers”

    1. Thanks, Marlene! I think the secret is using thicker wire. I found that thinner wire, because it’s so much easier to manipulate, gets crazy kinky fast, but this thicker stuff has a lot more hold. If you were using wire this thick though the only thing I’d say is work with it faster and minimize number of “moves” haha. The slower I went, the more I’d mess with it, and the weirder the random bends would get.

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