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DIY Mini Patterned Plant Pots

DIY Mini Patterned Plant Pots - mini catci

Things are just better when they’re mini amiright?  I got a few mini cacti because who wouldn’t and painted mini terra cotta pots to put them in.  It’s just some easy painting and doodling with a paint pen.


-mini terra cotta pots
-foam brush
-acrylic paint
-paint pen


Paint your pots with a foam brush and acrylic paint.  Apply at least two layers or until opaque with drying time in between each layer.

DIY- Mini Patterned Plant Pots-2


After pots have dried, use paint pen to draw on your design or pattern.  All that’s left is to plant your succulents in the pots.

DIY Mini Patterned Plant Pots-2

Behind the scenes: I got stabbed by that little round one.  It hurt and I spent a while tweezing out the needles from my hand there were like 20!

mini cactus-2

This one’s my favorite.

Patterned Planters DIY

I currently have them stashed here in this awkward cupboard thing we have that isn’t close enough to the stove to be a spice cabinet but is in an opposite corner and we don’t really know what to do with it, so perhaps I’ll get more mini plants but I really shouldn’t…

14 comments on “DIY Mini Patterned Plant Pots”

    1. I hear ya. I’ve experimented with windows in my place and there’s only one that has consistently kept my plants alive!

  1. I LOVE these. I am challenged when it comes to plants and always prick myself(just like you did!). But I can’t keep anything alive and so succulents are really right up my alley. This is such a cute and easy idea. :)

    1. I almost haven’t gotten over it because I feel like I’m thinking twice about getting more cacti haha. I think this many is enough for me now!
      Thanks, Melanie!

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