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Bedroom Organization Progress

wardrobe organization

My biggest excuse for anything around the home taking too long to get done is that the task is daunting and I just don’t want to do it.  Shocker!  Who wants to build IKEA furniture all day??  I don’t.

Take our bedroom for example.  It’s been maybe over a year of me promising that I’m going to make changes and finally turn it into a functional space instead of the storage room it turned into over the years, and that was the very problem: there was a lot of STUFF, and it was stuff I wasn’t using or no longer liked.  The plan to declutter and overhaul the space was so overwhelming that I kept putting it off indefinitely, giving my frequent excuse that I don’t have time and that there were other more pressing to-do’s that I needed to finish first.

This is what the plan needed to be: declutter, sell the furniture, get new furniture, build furniture, reorganize, redecorate.  I frequently thought about my ideal plan, which was to have someone come and take everything away so I could start with a clean slate and get straight to the fun part (decorating), which I guess was possible to do, but the point was this: I needed help and I was never going to finish this project by myself.

Help came when TaskRabbit reached out to me to aid with any Spring cleaning tasks, to see if they could match me with a Tasker to do any jobs around the home I had been procrastinating.  Were they reading my mind??  I said heck yes, can someone come and carry new furniture up to my bedroom and build it?!  I scheduled a date to have a Tasker do the job, and that date became my deadline to make some real progress on our bedroom.

wardrobe before

Because the built-in closet our bedroom came with is essentially the size of a broom closet, an external wardrobe is necessary for us to have.  We inherited the one in the “before” shot above from the previous tenant and it always felt like a soul-sucking black hole in the corner of the room, plus we needed something wider that would make better use of the space instead of that storage bench we had that actually couldn’t store much.  We went with a double wardrobe in white, which our first Tasker Romain carried the pieces of from my car up to the bedroom and built with the help of our second Tasker Steve.

IKEA PAX wardrobesSO much better, right?

IKEA PAX wardrobeI keep all my tops, bags, sweaters, and hats in here.  Up at the very top I stored some extra bed linens, which used to live on top of our second wardrobe.

dresser before

This was our second wardrobe which, like the first wardrobe, was dark and not making us happy, plus it blocked a lot of the light coming in from the window next to it.  A dresser made a lot more sense for this area, and yup, my Tasker Romain carried all those pieces up and built it.

white dresser

I keep my socks, underwear, basic tees, loungewear, and workout gear on my side of the dresser.  I was nice enough to let my guy have the left side, aw.

IKEA MALM dresser in whiteWe still have more to go with nightstands, lamps, a bed frame, art, and rugs on our decisions list, which is yet another promise I’m making on more changes to come, but I’m already so relieved that we’ve started on our path to the much more organized and minimalist bedroom I’ve always wished for.

minimal dresser
minimalist bedroom-2

While the Taskers built my furniture, I sat at my desk and worked on the blog.  Isn’t that amazing?  What they finished in 6 hours would have taken me 38.  They freed up my time, which gave me so much motivation to continue organizing and decluttering after their job was done.  This is absolutely the first time in my life where there’s extra space around my clothes, I’m serious.  I’ve never known till now what it’s like to be able to see all my clothing.  I’m super proud of this.

If you’re looking to make progress on any home projects or Spring cleaning chores, TaskRabbit now offers real-time service (read: tasks scheduled and done immediately.)  We’re all busy and can’t always find the time to do it all on our own, I know, so I really hope this helps you out if it sounds right for you.  Use promo code OHMY for $20 off same-day tasks.


SOURCES: wardrobe | wardrobe handles | dresser | mirror | marble canister | clock | tray | copper vase | ceramic pillar | candle


This post is in partnership with TaskRabbit.  All words and opinions are always my own.  Thank you for supporting brands that help make it possible to bring you new and inspiring ideas!


48 comments on “Bedroom Organization Progress”

  1. I’m so jealous =P
    Our bedroom is always a HUGE mess! It’s not only full of clothes and shoes everywhere, but it is also the room where we placed the desk with the computer so it’s a kind of bedroom-workspace.
    Desi from Italy

    1. Ours was a mess for a while, too! This was a long time coming for us.
      I used to keep my desk in the bedroom until I realized it was hard to keep it a place of rest that way. Currently my desk is in the living room and it’s a much better situation!

  2. Talk about the perfect post at the perfect time! My kiddos just left to be with their gma for THREE WEEKS! My ONLY goal in life is to get this house organized!! The first floor is complete..but I totally ran out of steam!! I am going to try the task rabbit out! P.S. I love the white clean look!

    1. Haha three weeks!! That is some serious time to get stuff done. I’m rooting for you, Kate! Good luck and I hope TaskRabbit makes it easier for you!

  3. Love. Love. Love.

    I’m currently in the midst of coming up with ideas and finding inspiration to redo my bedroom. It has the white/minimal look but something still doesn’t feel ‘right.’

    Any tips on keeping the motivation going yet taking your time to find the perfect pieces?

    1. Hi Eunice!
      That’s a great question, and one I’d like help getting answered too haha. What I’ve found to be necessary for anything that takes a long time to achieve is that you absolutely have to be in love with the process (so cliche but true, bear with me). Even when we think we’ve found the perfect piece, our idea of perfect can and probably will change, so really this is something that goes on forever (AAAH haha!) I guess my motivation comes from reminding myself that I love the hunt, I love finding new pieces, discovering new artists and brands, and the price is that it takes a while. So I guess I’d say… constantly keep your eyes open and have fun discovering and exploring your options. And stay patient. Hasty decisions have been some of my worst!

  4. Where can one find that gorgeous round mirror? Thinking it will be perfect in a new bathroom I am designing for my first home!

  5. Get an otoman bed (ikea malm for example) they just devour stuff like you would not believe. We have one and so can be minimal but still keep all our stuff. Love your room so far!

  6. What is the code number for your wardrobe on Ikea?! I looked forever and couldn’t find your exact wardrobe, because I love the exact style with 3 drawers and a storage space above.

    1. Hi Jayd! The wardrobes at IKEA are made to be custom, so you order drawers and shelves separately and arrange them as you like, so unfortunately there’s no code number for these exact wardrobes.

  7. I LOVE this room, I’ve just bought the same chest of drawers! But where is the plant pot by the wardrobe from and what type of plant is that please? x

  8. Hi Amy. I’ve been eyeing this mirror for a little while. I can’t believe how much these giant circle mirrors cost, but the Umbra is the most reasonably priced one I’ve see. Some reviews and comments I’ve read have complained about the rubber trim looking messy or even breaking. Other reviews love it, especially for the price. Do you have any opinions on the look or quality?


    1. Hi Lauren! I’ve had zero problems with mine and you are right- the price point is outstanding. Sleek, beautiful, I really don’t think there’s a better option out there.

  9. I’ve seen your room over and over on tumblr and I’m so glad I finally found a direct source to your blog! your decoration is the ultimate inspiration for my whole room re-do! :)

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