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Printable Modern 3D Paper Pumpkins

You ever notice how people get very into Fall decorating?  I’m undeniably in this group of fanatics and I’m betting most of you are too.  It’s so beloved because it gets us excited about all the celebrations, cozy moments, and slower living to look forward to in these upcoming best months of the year.  This is a lot of why October is my favorite month, and in case you’re feeling the same and are looking to get more of your fall decorating on too, I’ve partnered with my friends at Canon to share these 3D paper pumpkin printable templates (say that five times fast) and the very easy tutorial on how to assemble them.  Plus, we’re giving away the new Canon PIXMA TS9521C Crafter’s All-In-One Printer to one lucky winner to help you out with the rest of your holiday crafting- entry details at the end of the post!

I’ve been partnered with Canon for a while, experiencing the evolution of their printers through the past few years, and this is my favorite Canon printer yet.  The TS9521C is a printer, scanner, and copier all in one and can print up to 12×12″ in size.  It has both a front and rear feed that make it possible to print on a variety of different paper types, which is crucial for the versatility of printing projects that comes with crafting.  That includes my unsurprisingly favorite printing medium of card stock, which is what’s needed for this 3D paper pumpkin project.

Print the templates out on card stock and cut out each pumpkin shape.

Get the small pumpkin template HERE.
Get the large pumpkin template HERE.

You will need to cut out 5 pumpkin shapes total for each 3D pumpkin.  I know, there’s 6 on the small template and 2 on the large template and neither adds up evenly, but I wanted to maximize printing as many of these possible on each sheet.  Plus, you’re making a bunch of these pumpkins and will need to print multiple sheets anyway, right??.

Fold 4 of the pumpkin templates in half and leave the 5th pumpkin template unfolded.  We’ll call this unfolded one the “flat pumpkin”.

Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge on one half of the flat pumpkin.  Avoid applying too much since that can cause the paper to curl while drying.

Line up one of the folded pieces with half of the flat pumpkin and press it on to the glue like shown above.

Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge on the other half of the flat pumpkin and firmly apply another folded pumpkin on top.

Repeat on the back side of the flat pumpkin and you’ll end up with this free-standing 3D pumpkin.  Bend the flaps further if needed so that they’re evenly spaced.

You should definitely experiment with different card stock colors and patterns that you love.  The template is simple and blank so that you can have that customizability!  About that black pumpkin, it’s actually a dark charcoal card stock so the printed blank ink from the template still shows up on it- an easy little hack to work around the issue of printing on black if you like the black look.

I already like the idea of casually scattering these around the home or keeping them on the desk, but I’m most looking forward to using them as party decor for Friendsgiving.  These would be pretty adorable on a buffet table, or even strung onto garlands.  If you’re having a more formal fall gathering, these could also work really well as place card holders or place cards themselves.  Lots of possibilities!

For the giveaway, leave a comment below letting me know what other craft projects you’d be doing with the TS9521C printer.  One winner will be randomly selected in one week and contacted via email, so make sure to enter your email address in the comment box form (your email address will only be used to contact you should you win the giveaway).  Entrants must be at least 18 years of age and live within the US.

Good luck!

*EDIT* Giveaway winner has been selected and notified.  Thank you everyone who entered!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Canon. The opinions and text are all mine.

55 comments on “Printable Modern 3D Paper Pumpkins”

  1. What a cute, smart idea. They’re adorable and on trend and you can chuck them when the season is over, instead of hiding them in Tupperware for 11 months. Great idea! atowle|https://formationvacations.com/

  2. oh how I love this ! simple yet so beautiful!! and having the chance to win this marvellous printer! hope it’s for residents in Europe as well :) anyway, thanks for the lovely and clear tutorial!

  3. Loving these minimalistic yet highly decorative pumpkins! There are so many ideas I would want to realize with the printer: paper flowers, cake toppers, wall art with optical illusions or butterflies etc.

  4. I would love to win the printer to print on iron-on paper to use on bag designs, and use craft paper to make fun signs and garlands. My old printer just stopped printing black this weekend! Fingers crossed for the giveaway!

  5. Oh I would just do ALL the holiday crafting with this printer! Garlands, holiday cards, gift tags, maybe even wrapping paper with that 12×12 feature!

  6. My favorite gift to give is memory book! The printer would help me to not only print pictures, but designs and text to make the book even more beautiful!

  7. I love doing decor for events and being crafty for gift giving! The printer will allow me to create even more beautiful projects such as memory books, decor flowers, and more!

  8. What a cute idea :) you’re so creative! I’d love to use the printer to create a scrapbook for my 1 year old.

  9. I would love to make some paper 3D butterflies to put on the wall as decor! I live in a rental so painting isn’t an option! But I would love to add some color and make the buttefly wall the new flower wall! Lol

  10. I would love to use this to make holiday/seasonal crafts every year! This is such a great arts&crafts tool that will definitely benefit and make life of an artist so much easier! Love this! Love your work as well :) Keep it up!

  11. I love affordable & creative art! I’ve been wanting to print my downloaded art from etsy at home instead of having it done at a photo center. I would be able to change up the framed art in my house more often and I love a fresh new vibe!

  12. i love this! i plan on creating stickers and shirts out of my illustrations, if time allows, in the very near future. and scrapbooking! :)

  13. Love this post (and giveaway!) I would use the cardstock printing capability to print cards/tags/logos for my side-hustle bracelet business. And the scanner to scan old photos/polaroids!

  14. I would love this printer to use for wedding diy’s and then, as an interior designer, it would be super useful to print presentations with instead of going to a print store every time

  15. This is the neatest giveaway I’ve seen! I would definitely use the printer for a ridiculous amount of arts and crafts for my little sister and her kindergarten class. Lots of STEM related activities and cut out models to get their little minds activated!

  16. I would love to decorate my room using this printer! I would print photos and make garlands. It would be so useful!

  17. I LOVE these pumpkins! It is so hard to find stunning, minimalist decor in black, white and grey hues. This means relishing in the creative muse of others (like yours!) and then attempting a little DIY… which is rough for a teacher who spends most of my time motivating students to learn bio and chem! A printer that would allow me to enjoy producing stunning decor for my home (as well as molecular shapes, cell parts, etc.) would be a dream!

  18. These pumpkins are so darn cute! I would love to make my own paper ornament crafts + greeting cards with this printer. It looks awesome :)

  19. I love these pumpkins, cute & simple!! I’d like to try printing my grandkids art projects on transfer paper, iron the pictures on fabric and use the fabric to make a quilt.

  20. Love those pumpkin color palette! If i had that printer, i’d love to print my favorite photos from my travels!

  21. I absolutely love crafting! These are adorable, simple and would fit in most homes. The printer would be amazing for the digital illustrations I create – Mostly for cards, quotes and little pick me ups! It would be a great way to bring those to life and start sending them around!

  22. I’d use the printer to make art work to decorate my new home (just a room) in California! It’s already been a year since I moved out here but my walls are still so bare!

  23. This is such a beautiful printer! I would love to display it in my office. As for what crafts I would use it for, I love designing cards, hang tags and place cards, and think that this printer would do a beautiful job of making my sketches and illustrations into a reality.

  24. I get such satisfaction when I can recreate something I see in a store. Why buy when you can make it! Adding this printer to my craft room would enable me to breeze though my crafts!!!!!

  25. First, this is crazy because I saw your post just after I’d looked around online for a printer! I got married three weeks ago, & would love to use the printer for those photos so that I can put them into the panes of two windows I picked up at an antique store!

  26. I am so excited about this giveaway! I currently don’t own a printer and every time I see one of your printable blogs, it crushes me I can’t hop on and give it a try right away! My first print would have to be your treat box printables. They are so simple and useful! And they are perfect for the upcoming holidays since my daughter and I love to bake cookies for family and friends. We end up spending much more on the packaging!

  27. Such a cute and simple DIY. I would love to be able to create many more projects and print photos with the printer if I won.

  28. I have (painstakingly) made some custom banners for friend’s parties, etc. Everyone asks me where get them! I would love a Canon to make things easier!!! Oh and gift tags!!!

  29. Ooooh LA LA. I would love to win and use this printer! I would make my own wrapping paper with the 12X12 function. Also, greeting cards, gift tags, business cards and booklets for a local club I volunteer for.

    Thanks for hosting such a FUN and GENEROUS giveaway – CHEERS! xoxo

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