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DIY Clay Ornaments

DIY Clay Ornaments

I’m really loving projects where I get to come up with multiple designs, especially if I’m free-handing them.  I originally planned on using stencils for these clay ornaments, but I couldn’t resist the fun in spontaneous doodling.  I hardly consider myself a drawer though.  I’m fine with drawing patterns or shapes on small scales, but not with drawing actual things that people would be able to identify like “Oh yea, that’s a cat!”

Besides the sharpie I used to draw the designs, here are the other materials.

Clay ornaments materials

I like how the first thing I did with my new set of cookie cutters is not make cookies.  That will be a must in the near future though.

I mashed both packs of Sculpey clay together, rolled it into a ball, then flattened it out with a rolling pin.  I wasn’t concerned at all about getting the clay perfectly even in thickness all around, so I just went at it as I pleased.

Cookie cutter

I cut out four ornaments with this scalloped circle cutter.  I flipped the cutter over to cut out the hole in the center and while I hadn’t planned on saving those donut holes, they were just too cute not to include in the ornament making fun.  All I needed to do with those was cut out a hole in each one for hanging, which I roughly did with a toothpick.

I baked them all in the oven at 275 degrees for about 30-40 minutes.  I can’t remember exactly how long, but the key is to keep your eye on them and make sure they don’t burn!

Sharpie, ribbon, string, boom.

Clay ornaments on branches
So a little oversight… I didn’t think at all about how big I needed to make the holes on the little ones and the green ribbon I used on the big ones wouldn’t fit through.  I went with black and white string for them but now I’m wondering… would it be better if I just used the string on all of them?  I do like the pop of green though.

Alright friends, it’s time to play my favorite game.  Which one is your favorite???  I think mine is the one on the bottom with the berry branches-esque design.  That one surprised me!  It was one of those occasions where I had no idea where I was going with it until about halfway and then I was like yes, this is turning out better than expected.

Thank you for visiting me today and have a fantastic weekend!


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23 comments on “DIY Clay Ornaments”

  1. What a cute idea! It’s a tough call, but I’m going with the cute little polka dot one. That green ribbon is perfect with them too :). ps – where did you get that mirror in the background?

  2. Love these on your branches! I’m torn between the berry branch one that you said was your favorite and the little kind of cross-hatchy one above it. And I like the pop of green. Your whole Christmas color scheme looks so fresh!

  3. It’s Deonna from the Child at Heart blog! Thank you so much for linking up at the Merriest Blog Hop! You were FEATURED! Yay! Please keep those good ideas coming and grab a button to tell everyone you were featured :)

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