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August Highlights

rp_clooney.jpgThe last full month of summer!  At first I was feeling like not a whole lot happened in August, but then I go to write this post and I’m like dang that was a good month.  That’s exactly why I love doing this.


Montreal was an amazing trip and I still think about it often.  I started to miss eating poutine everyday, but I’m ok now thank goodness.  It made my itch for traveling even bigger and I’m bugging out to go somewhere else again soon, though nothing international until next year (honeymoon YEA).  If you missed that post, I shared a travel guide to Montreal here.

Yes still really excited about and still think this seat we had was SO cute.



I’m that friend who will jump at lightspeed while squealing to take care of your dog while you’re gone.  Few things get me more excited and the weekend I spent with this adorable guy was precious.  My love for dogs is tremendous and while we know we are going to adopt, now is not the best time for us to do it, but we will when it is because we have dog-shaped holes in our hearts.



Molly threw the best party of summer with her amazing housewarming and served my favorite thing to eat.  How bangin is this charcuterie spread?  Homemade pickled veggies??

Best of all was catching up with everyone like Sarah and Eden.  Nothing much better than eating a ton of meat and cheese and wine and potato balls and meat pies and brownies and lemon bars with favorite people.



bedroom dresser

Finishing our bedroom is the proudest thing I’ve done for our home and sometimes I’m in disbelief that it looks like this.  It has come a crazy long way and took a LOT more time than I kept saying it would, but it was so so worth nurturing every detail and holding out for the minimalist bedroom I thought was impossible for my hoarder tendencies.  The space really works for us and we live so comfortably in it- it’s a dream.  More details on the bedroom here!



I’m thinking of adding in a monthly book with this series, mostly for my own accountability to keep reading regularly but also it might be helpful to find good reads for anyone interested.  I found this book to be such an uplifting and mind altering read, coming in at a critical time where I’m feeling the creativity slump that plagues me regularly.  For anyone in any kind of slump (or even not) and open for a kick in the butt to get up and go do something about it, this can be your guide/inspiration to make your obstacles actionable opportunities.  The premise might seem obvious and cliche, but it’s a concept that’s extremely easy to forget especially for those of us that get inside our heads and stress out easily about everything (1000% me).  I’m on my second read-through to take notes this time.

8 comments on “August Highlights”

  1. I am all on board for book suggestions! That was my goal this year and I’m always looking for good reads. This book looks right up my alley too. Thanks Amy :)

    1. Thanks, Lena! Always going for that Scandinavian vibe ;) And thanks so much for weighing in on the reading list- I’ll keep it up!

  2. Love this list! Such a great way to look back and be thankful. And I hear you re: the Obstacle is the Way. My little brother introduced me to it. I listened to the Audiobook – BLAM! Mind switch.

    1. Totally thinking I should get the audiobook for the car… one of those reads that’s just good to review over and over again, good call!

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