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Sources for Everything in My Living Room

Let’s do a short room-by-room series here tackling the number one FAQ I get, which is “Where did you get that?”  I definitely agree that I can be a lot more thorough about sharing the sources for the all the things I feature on the blog, and seeing that there have been a lot of new readers around here lately (welcome!!) it’ll be good to get us all on the same page and catch up on things we may have missed, starting with my living room because I think I get the most questions about it!

Monochrome living room

paint color: Dunn Edwards in Swiss Coffee | ABC Mountain print | rocking chair | zig zag pillow | side table | gold candle | The Plant Recipe Book | The Flower Recipe Book | large planter | black pillow from H&M (no longer available but similar one here) | plus sign pillowsofa | rug | rug pad | black wash basket | pom pom throw | marble coffee table | candle holder | ball vase | magazine | The Kinfolk Home | lacquer box | small basket | copper bud vase

How to hang a gallery wall

shelf unit | Nate Berkus for Target vase up top (no longer available) | small and medium faceted vases | Elements of Style | Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes | Black and White (and a Bit in Between) | clear vases | grid boxes (DIY) | small white box with black triangles from J. Crew (no longer available) | Styled | Domino | Monochrome Home | marble boxes (DIY) | media cabinet (2 units)

Gallery wall:


Any questions, leave ’em below and I’ll get back to you!

31 comments on “Sources for Everything in My Living Room”

  1. Hello from Mongolia!!! I really enjoy your blog. I really like your DIY: Photo wall hanging. I will make it and show you the picture.

    Many thanks,

  2. Is the couch very soft and comfy or firm? I’m couch shopping but am nervous to buy online without a chance to sit on it.

    1. It’s definitely not firm but also not overly soft. Very comfortable to where the cushions will slouch after repeated use and you’ll have to fluff the cushions regularly, which I’d say is the only down side. I was nervous to buy without sitting on it too but I pulled the trigger after seeing that they have a pretty good return policy. Super happy with it!

  3. I love your space! Definitely a fan :D

    I have the same rug as you, how do you keep it clean? Mine has gone from a beautiful ivory to a dark stained…mess. Ah!

    1. Thank you, Saleema!
      Other than vacuuming and raking it regularly, it’s only me and my fiance in our home and we don’t wear shoes in the house. Our rug doesn’t get a ton of action and is probably why it looks the same as when we got it, except for one area right in front of our couch, which is where we put our feet everyday so it’s definitely more worn there. I’d say vacuuming frequently though has helped it the most. I’m always shocked at how much dust comes out of it everytime!

  4. Hello! Just discovered your website and loving everything!! I’ve been looking at that rug for awhile but was wondering if the diamonds are brown or gray. They look gray, but some reviews I have read say its brown…just wondering. :) thanks! Kim

    1. Hi Kim, and welcome!!
      The diamonds are a dark brown, though at any regular glance it just looks like a generic dark color.

  5. Hi, just came across your blog. BEAUTIFUL! I’m planning on buying this same couch but I’m a little sketchy about it considering it’s an online purpose. As this post was dated 7/18… how do you like the couches now? Are the legs pretty sturdy?

    1. Hi Virginia! Legs are very sturdy. My one gripe is that the cushions do not hold their shape and get slouchy. They need to be regularly re-fluffed which is another chore on an already long list of chores, but I still love it because it’s so comfortable and exactly the style I was looking for.

  6. Hey! Love your blog, did you purchase ‘planetary friends’ with a white border, or did you buy the frame with a border inside?
    Most random question… ha!


    1. Hi! That’s the way Minted framed it and it’s not a mat, just the border around the print. Not random at all, these details are important!

  7. I am currently using an updated image of your living room as my inspiration.. its BEAUTIFUL! However, now you have different white side chairs in the spot of that rocking chair and I’d love to know the source?


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