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Happy 1st Birthday, Homey Oh My!

Happy 1st birthday Homey Oh My!

We made it!!  One year of blogging!!!  Fastest year of my life, wow.

Today is a little bit past the one year mark from my first blog post, but it marks exactly one year from the day I went live with my blog and sent an email to all my friends to ask for their support, haha!  Seriously, I did that, and I will never forget how much it meant to me to have their encouragement, and still today.

One year ago today, I remember being a nervous wreck of excitement and fear over the launch of this blog.  I barely slept, I’d forget to eat, I poured everything I had into planning, making, and learning for the growth of this blog (I’ve chilled out a LOT since then, thankfully).  As terrified as I was, I knew that all meant this would be worth striving for.

Through this entire experience, I can say I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing fear as an opportunity.  Every time I pushed through fear, I never regretted it, because good things always came out of it, whether I realized it immediately or later on.  The fear is absolutely still there today, everyday, over a lot of different things, but I’ve learned that it can be a sign that something great is about to happen.

pursue it

The goals I had initially set for this blog were just to stick with it for the long term, to get better at putting myself out there, and to feed my desire to keep learning and growing.  What I got in return for achieving these goals was exponentially more than I ever could have predicted, which is why pursuing this blog was the best decision I ever made.  I kicked fear right in the ass.

So I thought I was going to go through and talk about all the things I learned in my first year of blogging and everything that made it so wonderful, but instead I’m just going to focus on the biggest one of them all:

One of the greatest things you can do for someone is to let them know you appreciate their work.

I’ve never met a blogger that didn’t *freaking love* getting comments on their posts, and I now know myself just how much those comments can be that extra push to keep believing in what you’re doing, which is everything.  I didn’t know this that well back when I was a silent admirer of other blogs, but now that I do, I’ve become a lot less reserved about showing my appreciation and enthusiasm for anything and everything, anywhere, in both blog world and in-person world, because through you guys, I’ve grown a bigger heart of gratitude.  For real.  That, in and of itself, is just a happier way to be, and nothing has taught me that better than this blog and you guys have. <3


Here’s the fun part.  As a small gesture of how deeply grateful I am for all of you, I’m having a top secret giveaway for…

Mystery BoxA mystery box.  HOW.  FUN.  Filled with a few of my favorite crafty and decor things, all brand new, hand-picked and purchased by me, and the details of which I am withholding from you so that if you are the lucky one to receive it in the mail, it will be like opening up Christmas presents.  I don’t know about you, but receiving gifts in the mail is a very rare occurrence, so I’d love to say thank you in this fun and personal way that hopefully gets you as excited as I am :D.

I want to keep this casual and intimate, so I won’t be promoting this giveaway anywhere, and to keep in line with that, there will be NO Rafflecopter widget.  Let’s all let out a sigh of relief.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me:

1) How did you first come across Homey Oh My!?


2) What’s your favorite Homey Oh My! project/post?

I LOVE hearing from you guys, so I’d be delighted to hear your answers.  One winner will be selected randomly and emailed in a week, some time next Friday the 12th!

After you leave your comment, go and leave a few more comments for your favorite blogs out there, or let your friend know she did an amazing job planning your last get-together, or tell your coworker you love her new haircut.  However small it may be, spread the love whenever you feel it.  It will be so appreciated.

Love you guys <3.



A winner has been selected!  There were 39 valid entries and using random.org, comment number #21 was selected which was…  Jessica!! Here’s her comment:

“I stumbled upon your blog from Pinterest based on my favorite project of yours – your beautiful black, white, and gold desk! So much inspiration and I’m SHOCKED you’ve only been at this one year. Incredible work!”

Congratulations, Jessica!  I can’t wait for you to receive your mystery box :D.

09/01 DIY Projects

100 Fall Decor and Craft Ideas

100 fall project ideasThe first day of September means that it’s fall, right?  At least it means we can start preparing for the best season ever (aka fall is my favorite season).

To get you inspired, I’ve gotten together with some blog buddies to round up our best fall projects from last year.  Any long time readers remember any of them??

What’s fun for me is that last year right around this time is when I first started my blog, so I was prepared to have a cringe fest when I went back into my archives to look for my fall projects because these were some of the first projects I EVER did.  While there are some things I’d change about them now, I had a lot of fun looking back at where I was back then and still like a lot of the projects that I had done!

I really think these ideas are worthy of inspiring again this year, and at least for me, I’m inspired to switch things up and challenge myself to do things differently this time around.  So check them out!  See if there’s a project here that can inspire you to make something for the fall:

Gold Dipped Pumpkins Centerpiece

Gold Dipped Pumpkin Vase

DIY Gold Leaf Bowl

Gold Leaf Bowl

Fall Centerpiece

Fall Centerpiece

DIY Candle Holders

Candle Holders

So where are the other 96 fall ideas?  Each one of us shared four of our best, so hop around and give everyone a visit and you will for sure be prepared to start your fall crafting.

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08/29 Friday Links

Friday Finds

Friday Finds

It’s been a while since I last did one of these, and I just so happened to be feeling like doing something casual, so this works out quite nicely!  This also gives me a chance to just chat with you and say things like dang, we are already soon entering SEPTEMBER.

I’m sure you guys can relate when I say I’m guilty of chasing Fridays, crawling along all week with the impression that all will be at peace if I can just make it to Friday.  It’s a bad habit of almost wishing away the days, no?  So now it’s September, and I’m feeling like I should have been a lot nicer to all the past Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays…  I’m feeling the pressure to savor every day that’s left of 2014.

I’ll never stop looking forward to Fridays though, especially with it usually marking the start of a crafty, bloggy weekend for me, which is my favorite <3 so here’s a little weekend send-off of inspiration and fun stuff for us to enjoy together.

Ceiling wall and rug combo

Ok, check out this ceiling, wall, and rug combo.  What??  Isn’t it so amazingly unexpected?  From Tommy Chambers’ house tour.

diy outdoor artA lot of the things Anu from Nalle’s House creates are so amazing in their simplicity that it’s mind blowing.  Who knew something like hanging up fabric could look this beautiful?

Wit and Delight for Target

These Target collabs are major and always so fun to look forward to.  Wit and Delight for Target launches September 14th!

Layered living room rugsCaitlin from Desert Domicile layered rugs in her living room, and they are FANTASTIC.  If you aren’t familiar with this space, you can already tell she has killer style, right?  And you also see that blue velvet couch, which you already know how I feel about, right?  <3 <3 <3

5 Secrets to SuccessI pretty much love every single thing that A Beautiful Mess puts out there, and one of the many great things they do is share advice derived from their own stories of success with their blog and brand.  Out of these 5 secrets to success, #5 has probably been the biggest thing I’ve started to learn so far.  Equally as important as knowing what works is knowing what doesn’t work, identifying that quickly, and changing it stat.  I will always be striving to master this.

Industrial chic diningWendy’s Lookbook is one of the first blogs I ever started following, and Wendy just so happens to be one of my favorite fashion bloggers ever.  She shared a tour of her loft and it is just as gorgeous as she is.  I’m in LOVE with the exposed brick walls, and you’ve got to see her glam bed frame.

Get back to workJust a fun little quote that I adore and already printed and put up on the magnet board on my desk.   By Drew Ellis.  Dreams can only get you so far- you have to WORK for them!

You know what’s better than Fridays?  Three day weekends!  I’ve got a birthday party to go to and a friend in town, but other than that it should be a pretty relaxing weekend.  Have an amazing labor day weekend, everyone!  I’ve got something fun posting up here on Monday so see you then if you aren’t partying too hard that day.

08/25 DIY Projects

DIY Decorated Notebooks with Labels- PBteen Stylehouse

DIY Decorated Notebooks with Labels

For this back to school season, I’m sharing how to make these really cute customizable notebooks with DIY labels over at the Pottery Barn Teen blog, The Stylehouse!  This is absolutely how I would be decorating my own notebooks if I was going back to school (or really for any occasion that I’d need a notebook for), and let’s be real… the best part about this time of year is back to school supplies.  That always got me excited for the new school year ;).

I wish this is what I did with my supplies back when I was in school, but unfortunately I did not!  I didn’t even THINK to do this, but I wish I had.  I’ve become a firm believer in surrounding yourself with things that inspire you or just make you feel GOOD, and if something as small as decorating your notebooks in a design you love can do that for you, I’d say that’s pretty amazing and well worth your time.  It’s easy, fun, and should put a smile on your face knowing that you made your own, one of a kind item :).

So back to school or not, make something unique that inspires you and gets you excited for what’s to come!

DIY Notebook LabelsObscure fact: I made sure to pick a south campus and north campus subject for the notebook labels (any fellow Bruins out there?)

DIY Customizable Notebooks with labelsStill here?  Thank you <3.  Check out the tutorial for these notebooks over at The Stylehouse!

08/18 DIY Projects

DIY Abstract Black and White Art

DIY Abstract Black and White ArtProject art gallery wall begins!  If you didn’t see my Blog Hop post, I mentioned there that I’m working on putting up a gallery wall around our TV, and to help the process along (and have some fun) I’ll be making some of my own wall art.  So far I’m pretty decided on keeping the art abstract, bold, and geometric.

The great thing about abstract art is that it doesn’t have to look like anything, and what could be less restricting than that?  Sometimes though, I get it… it can be easier if there’s something you’re trying to make your art look like, some guidelines at least.  So while this is an original abstract piece, technically I had guidelines to help me make it.  I found those guidelines here:

DressInspiration really is everywhere, guys.  I loved the design on this dress so much that it didn’t take long for me to start thinking that I should recreate a similar look for wall art.  I also knew it would be really simple to do since the color palette is monochromatic, and the messier the brush strokes, the better it would look.

-photo frame
-poster board
-black acrylic paint
-flat head paint brush

Flat head paintbrushI went with a flat head brush to make thicker strokes, which is probably the only aspect of this project I can give the most definitive instructions on since the actual painting part really has no right or wrong way about it.  Because of that, this won’t make much of a tutorial, but let me try anyway!


I traced the photo frame insert onto some poster board and cut it out to be the “canvas”.  Then using black acrylic paint, I roughly recreated the same shapes that were on my dress, being careful not to overload the brush with too much paint so that the strokes would show more.

paint strokes

I also wasn’t afraid to go over strokes again to make them thicker as I pleased.  I tweaked strokes here and there until I was satisfied.

Black and White ArtI tell ya, anything can be art if you put it in a frame!  Truth, after I finished I was just like ok this is fine, but when I put it in a frame I was like oh ok this is NICE.

Abstract Black and White Art

I like it.  I like it a lot.  Really loving how it looks here on top of my book case, though it won’t be staying here…

Abstract Black and White Art CThere’s definitely going to be more black and white in the gallery, and probably some prints I’ve had my eyes on for a while and am spending some final moments asking myself if I’m sure that I really want them before pulling the trigger.  You know how that is.

So now I’d love to know… any favorite sources for art?  Etsy shops?  Artists?  I’ve been perusing so many different options and am still itching to browse even more.  I keep thinking I know what I want, then I see something else and totally want to change my plans.  This might be a while…

*psst* In case you were wondering about the floral monogram, you can find my tutorial here on how to make it!


08/14 DIY Projects

Mini Succulent Garden

Mini Succulent GardenMoar.  Succulents.  I couldn’t help it, guys.   I was at the flea market when I came across multiple booths full of succulents and they were soooo cheap and sooooooo cute.  Maybe it was the hysteria of the people crowding around and packing cardboard boxes with their succulent choices that urged me to take advantage of the situation.  Next thing I knew I was grabbing a cardboard box myself and making my own selections.  I showed some restraint though by picking a small box to fill.

Being that the succulents I chose were mini, I kept in mind that I would probably be putting them all in the same container together to make a mini succulent garden.  Consolidation, alright!  So on the way home, we passed by a Goodwill and I thought hey we should drop in to see if there’s something I can plant my new baby succulents in.  Unlike most of my thrifting adventures, I found what I was looking for.

Pedestal bowl

Ok so I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but this bowl I came across was the perfect size and shape, and I LOVED the little pedestal at the bottom (so cute), and the 99 cent price tag said let’s do this.


First, I roughly figured out how I wanted to arrange my succulents for the mini garden.


Then I filled the bottom of the bowl with rocks.


Next I put in a layer of soil on top.

How to make a mini succulent garden

One at a time, I planted in each succulent, scooping and packing in cactus soil wherever needed and pushing everything in tightly.

DIY Mini Succulent Garden

Mini succulentsThis batch of succulents was all about picking ones I didn’t already have (minus the zebra).  I love every and all succulents, but I find myself drawn to the weirder looking ones, and that alien one in the front is the weirdest of them all.  The guy at the booth told me it’s called Baby Toes, and I said how freaking cute.  Maybe a little creepy, but I like that it’s so strange.  The pale blue color is so unique, too.  I think you already know it’s my favorite one.

Anyone know the name of the clustered one next to it?  That one is my second favorite.