10/13 DIY

DIY Floral and Glitter Pumpkins

Floral and glitter pumpkinsPumpkin project #2!  Glitzy, girly, and sure enough had to share this one over at the Pottery Barn Teen blog, The Stylehouse.  I always love doing PBteen DIYs because they encourage me to do things like bust out the glitter, which I actually haven’t ever done before on the blog, and now I’m remembering why…

From this one little project, glitter has managed to get onto every inch and corner of my apartment. including my boyfriend’s face.  I noticed the glimmering speck on his cheek while we were out for lunch shortly after completing this craft, and no, I didn’t tell him about it.  This is not at all a complaint, but rather a realization of how rare these glitter fests are around here, and how looking at these adorable pumpkins (and my boyfriend’s face) reminds me that the holidays are indeed worth bringing about this fabulous glitter invasion.

If you’re looking to inhale some glitter this season too, check out my tutorial for these cuties at the PBteen blog!  If you’re wondering about the floral design, it’s yet again from Rifle Paper (favorite) which you can find here.

DIY Floral and glitter no carve pumpkins

10/06 My Home

Bedroom Pillows

Bedroom Pillows

So the bedroom!  I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about it on the blog before, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s probably the most neglected room in my apartment.  Given that the only thing I had decided about it was that I wanted it to be strictly a place of rest (no TV, no desk) it’s been easy to kind of just forget about it.

Still, I’m not feeling the need to completely makeover the room, but I thought I’d start out small and update the pillows.  The pillows I had before were blue and gray and they just never felt right.  I wanted something more bold.

Bedroom Pillows 2

For some reason, I had put pressure on myself to incorporate more color into the bedroom, and it kind of made my fabric hunting quest stressful because I’m always drawn to black and white designs but I kept telling myself to look for something “different” or try something “new”.  But you know what?  Screw that if it doesn’t feel right.  The gut knows what it wants, and seeing as though no color combo is more soothing to me than black and white, it made sense for me to just go with it.

Tangent- this bed is screaming for a headboard, but he we decided that would be a decision best made with our next home, which will hopefully be our forever home (fingers crossed). Unless of course I come across the most perfect headboard of all time, then I’ll have to make that executive decision, duh!  Point is, we’re not in a rush, but my eyes are open.

Bedroom Pillows 3I LOVE how my little faux red flowers are the one pop of color in this room.  LOVE.  I’m typically not big on faux flowers, but these are just so perfect right where they are.

Bedroom Pillows 4Can you tell which side is mine and which is his?  Even with the small clues, it’s not too difficult to tell, ha!  Next up is replacing his lamp.

Pillow fabric

So I actually made the pillow covers using my no-sew tutorial.  Check that out for all the details and instructions, and if you’re wondering about the fabric sources, I got the striped one from IKEA and the floral one from Marimekko (the CUTEST patterns!)

If the glimpses of my campaign inspired dressers caught your eye, you can find all the details on that makeover here!

10/03 Friday Links

Friday Finds

Friday Finds 10-3-14Seriously though… this week went by particularly fast, yea?  I think for me a lot of it had to do with how much has been going on lately behind the blog (sooo many things are in the works guys and I’m feeling like there are ants in my pants) so it’s nice to step away from it a little and talk about other fun and cool things.

Since I don’t do this every Friday, just a reminder (or as an intro to newcomers, hello!) that Friday Finds posts are round ups of random stuff that I like, or am inspired by, across a variety of topics, or maybe sometimes not a variety, I don’t know, that’s the fun part- always a grab bag of surprise!


If I needed new bedding and didn’t already love the duvet cover that I have right now, I’d want to get this set from Crane and Canopy.  Soooo chic and simple, black and white, how could I not.  Also, that pug.


I’m in LOVE with this dual pearl earring trend, seen here on Hello Fashion.  I’m digging that messy side bun too.


#GIRLBOSS fans, or anyone that likes a good quote, Rachel from The Crafted Life made a couple free printables for you to download!

s-vintage-sputnik-light-owens-and-davisThis room caught my attention immediately 1) because of the amazing light fixture and 2) because of how there’s a lot going on but also not much going on at the same time, you know what I mean?  There’s color, but it’s still muted, patterns, but they don’t compete with each other.  I’d want something like my future office to have this same style and feel.

10 best decorating apps

A fantastic list of helpful home decorating apps.  Do you use any of these?

T strap nails

Ok, so I love nail art, but I never do it because I typically don’t have the time/patience and my nails are always getting ruined by projects and DIYs, but THIS… this T-strap nail art is the first design in a while that’s really making me want to finally get a nail art pen.


Of all the pumpkin things I’ve lusted after, this is the juggernaut of them all.  Sarah made these pumpkin ginger snap ice cream sandwiches and they’re basically a dream come true.


I am currently on the hunt for an etagere that looks like this (IKEA Vittsjo is my last resort).  If anyone knows where I can find an affordable one, I’m all ears!

How to Stay Focused

I typed out this title to give you some kind of visual since the article didn’t have any images, but man, this is an EXCELLENT read that totally changed my perspective on passion and motivation, especially when it comes to how I handle my blogger burnouts.  I think everyone will find this article inspiring and helpful.

One last thing- If you didn’t see it, I’ve got a giveaway going on for two winners to each receive $100 credit to Minted!  Make sure to enter here if you haven’t already!

That’s all, folks.  Hope you’re pumped and excited for another beautiful weekend <3.

09/29 DIY / Seasonal/Holiday

DIY Copper Striped Pumpkins

DIY copper striped white pumpkins

I’ll say it forever: I LOVE pumpkins.  One of the only things in this world that I consider both delicious and whimsical.  While I prefer eating them, decorating  pumpkins is an alternative that comes close to being almost as fun.   Almost.

Same as last year, I’m keeping them white, which is guaranteed challenging because they always know how to hide from me.  I was very determined to find them though, and with persistence comes success.  How could I not drive around all day to all the grocery stores in the area to find these little cuties??

In addition to the adorableness of today’s DIY, it is also probably the easiest DIY I have ever shared.  You ready for this?

Copper tape

I applied strips of this copper tape down the sides of the pumpkins in between each groove, peeling the backing while at the same time smoothing over the tape with my fingers.

Copper Striped Pumpkin

That’s it.

Copper Striped Pumpkins

There’s nothing more to tell you.

Copper striped white pumpkins

If you’re hoping for some bonus step or an extra little somethin’ somethin’, then sorry to disappoint you.

Copper tape pumpkins

Well, maybe it could be mentioned that these would look gorgeous sprawled out on a tablescape, which is possibly something to look forward to seeing on this blog. ;)

I forgot how HECTIC everything gets with the start of fall.  It’s like a sudden switch flipped on and everything starts to just go go go all at once.  Anyone else feeling this way?  True, it’s all a part of the excitement for the holidays, and for me it’s also for sure all the crafting hysteria that heightens during this time.  Have you started your fall decorating or crafting yet?

09/25 Shop

Pillow Pairings with PlaidFox

Pillow Pairings with PlaidFoxBeing that I live here in the US, all of the sponsorships and collaborations I do are naturally with US companies.  So when I was contacted by PlaidFox, a new online home decor retailer located in Canada that also ships to the US, I had to check it out with the hopes that I might provide my dear Canadian readers with a struggle-free-shipping and stylish home decor source (I hear your pain, guys, so let’s try this one out!)

The first thing I did when I went to the PlaidFox site was look at the fox in the logo and think about how cute it was.  Then I went straight for the pillows.  If you guys didn’t already know, I have way too many pillows and don’t need another one ever, but they are one of my absolute favorite home decor items and I will not stop.

Right away, I saw that the pillow selection was excellent, and seeing as though many of them are from Caitlin Wilson Textiles, which I ADORE her patterns, I had to share this discovery with all of you through a fun pillow pairing session.  Shall we?

bright and feminine

Bright and Feminine
Berry Deco Pillow | British Bouquet Pillow


classic and chic

Classic and Chic
Gold Scallop Pillow | Bouquet Domino Pillow


casual and coastal

Casual and Coastal
Pink City Maze Pillow | Seascape Pillow


bold and graphic

Bold and Graphic
Tribeca Pillow | Navy Spotted Pillow


Aren’t they all gorgeous??  I still haven’t been able to pick a favorite, though I think it might be “classic and chic” (gold, hello).  So I’m curious… which one of these pairings do you like the most?

If you didn’t find your style here, try taking the fun style quiz and let me know what you get!  I got mid-century modern as my top match, which to be honest, is not how I’d describe anything in my apartment (unless we scratch the “mid-century” part), BUT, it’s a style that I LOVE and strive to incorporate in my home for sure, and there are so many gorgeous MCM pieces on the site that I’m swooning over.

If anything piques your fancy while you browse around PlaidFox, I’ve got a special promo code for you to use!  Enter HOMEYOHMY25 at checkout to get 25% off your purchase through Oct. 2nd.  Make sure to sign up for a free account and get 8% back on any purchase.  Sound good?

Don’t forget to let me know which pillow pairing is your favorite!


*This post was sponsored by PlaidFox, and all thoughts, opinions, jokes, and pillow pairings are of my own, as always.  I do not receive any commission from any purchases you make nor from your use of the promo code, so that’s all for you guys.  As part of my goal to bring you decor sources with serious style, I’m happy to partner with companies that I believe you will love.  Thank you so much for supporting the brands that help Homey Oh My! keep on keepin’ on.

09/22 Seasonal/Holiday

Fall Flowers

Fall Floral Arrangement

You know what tomorrow is?  Tomorrow is officially FALL.  Yessss.  I can feel the fall buzz in the air and it seems like most everyone says it’s their favorite season.  Is it yours?  It’s mine <3.

It makes sense that this time of year is so exciting since it kicks off a train of holidays, celebrations, and extended time spent with our favorite people.  Honestly though, the thing I probably love the most about fall… is pumpkin flavored everything.  I squealed when I saw the wall of pumpkin bread mix boxes at Trader Joe’s last week.

Ok but yea, I also love the cooler weather, fall fashion (my fav fashion), and the rich jewel tones that typically come out during this time.  So to welcome my favorite season, I thought nothing would be more appropriate than a fall floral arrangement, yea?

Fall Flowers


Flower Recipe:
-Safari Sunset
-Seeded Eucalyptus

All arranged in a gorgeous copper pitcher that I shared recently on Instagram and am obsessed with.  I have multiple pitchers in my life, and I only use them for flowers.

There’s also a little bonus.  Because I never throw away the extra or broken off stems of flowers, I gathered these little nuggets into a smaller arrangement… in a copper mug!

Fall flowers in a copper mugCute!  I guess I’ll make mules in my copper mugs too, maybe, I don’t know, flowers are a pretty good idea for now.

Copper mug and pitcher floral arrangementsThe power of flowers.  Flower power.  They set the mood so good, almost like taking in a deep breath of fresh air and exhaling a gigantic smile, right?  It’s fall, y’all!!