07/21 Travel

12 Free Things to Do in Los Angeles

Even after over a decade of living in LA, I’m constantly making new discoveries or adding new places to my list of favorite LA spots.  There’s so much to see and do here and being that LA is so vast, it can be difficult to navigate or know exactly where to go.  It can also get pricey to hang out in this city, and considering that having a car is crucial for getting around efficiently, I’m partnering with Uber to share some of my favorite spots that are free and will help you experience much of what LA has to offer while giving your wallet a break.  Especially being summer now, I’ve got my mind on scenic walks, beautiful views, and spending time outdoors.  Read on to check it all out!  Read More

07/19 Life / Monthly Highlights

Monthly Highlights and Updates

I recently had one of those weeks where it felt like everything was going wrong, and I spiraled down into a hole of negativity and was stuck there for a while.  I’m pretty good at being my own biggest hater, and while I was caught up in my head tearing myself down, something occurred to me- I would never talk this way to a friend, or even a stranger, so why is it ok to talk to myself like that?

It’s not.  Cut it out!

From that I realized a couple things that I had fallen away from for a while that might’ve helped fight off the slump: self-reflection and gratitude.  As much as I believe in these being very profound and worthwhile daily practices, sometimes we fall away from good habits and simply need to take that first step again to get back on.

So while I thought I wasn’t going to continue this monthly series I started last year of sharing good things that happened behind the scenes from the past month, and now maybe other updates or ramblings, I’m starting it again at least to remember that not everything is ‘terrible’ or ‘the worst’, and to take back a little more of the blog for recording life’s both big and small moments.  There’s usually far more good than bad, or maybe rather that the good shines much brighter, and this will be another way to say hey, how are ya?  Things will be fine <3. Read More

07/14 My Home

Gallery Wall Update: A TV That Matches Our Decor

This is by far the most exciting thing to ever happen to our space, solving a problem that I know every design-conscious home has mourned over, and that is how to hide and minimize that big eye sore of a TV.  While that black screen at least fit in with the colors of our monochrome home, it felt like a dark void sucking the life out of the room.  I had put up a gallery wall of art around the TV in efforts to detract from it, but now with The Frame from Samsung, our TV is art.  It blows my mind daily that this thing exists.  We can now rejoice over not having to come up with ways to hide the TV, and I’m partnering with Samsung to share a bit more about it and what I’ve done to update this wall. Read More

07/10 DIY Projects

DIY Loop Handle Box

I regularly talk about my love for decorative storage, and what it comes down to is how it’s the prettiest way to keep counters clutter-free while maintaining those minimal aesthetics we all like, which is why you and I get along *fist bump*.  Customizing and redecorating containers to fit my style and space has thus become a very regular thing I do, and most times it’s way easier than searching for that perfect box that might not exist.  To makeover yet another small storage piece, I’ve partnered with Michaels to use the perfect craft paint for this really, really easy DIY. Read More

07/05 Inspiring Spaces

17 Modern Outdoor Spaces

During our house hunt restart I shared about how one of the biggest things we’re looking for in our first home is an outdoor space.  Since then, we’ve upgraded that to a non-negotiable criterion for our future home (outdoor space is now always checked off in our searches, so major).  It’s definitely the year-round beautiful weather here and most definitely these summer months that have us thinking a lot more about how much we want dinners al fresco, lounging daily in the sun, and throwing outdoor parties at our home if space provides, though I’ll take big or small for an outdoor area!  Till then, I’m admiring other spaces and like always, taking notes for what we dream our outdoor space will be like.  Are you into any of these spaces, too? Read More