12/03 Seasonal/Holiday

Modern Christmas Table

Ahh, my favorite occasion to set the table for.  While I consistently keep my table settings simple, the holiday season naturally invokes a whimsy that’s only possible this time of year.  It feels most magical, which is why I love it so much!  Inspired by the shorter days of the season, I’m going with a moodier table that accompanies the darkness of winter.  In partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, a favorite of mine for being a one-stop-shop for everything I need to entertain in style, read on for how I put this holiday table setting together. Read More

11/19 Seasonal/Holiday

Hygge Scented Christmas

Every year we set up our wonderfully fake tree even though each year I think to myself maybe we should make it a real one next year.  We’re not jumping at the chance to spend winter sweeping up pine needles and then deal with disposing the real tree at the year’s end, but we are sorely missing out on the very best benefit of a real tree: the smell.  Scent is a major part of the holidays, as much as the lights, music, and Christmas cookies are, and I don’t want to miss getting my maximum fill of olfactory enjoyment during the season that I love it the most.  In honor of the sense that most strongly evokes the memories of the holidays, I’ve partnered with Aera to share about their new limited edition Hygge Holiday fragrance collection that’s everything warm and cozy. Read More

11/12 Design / My Home / Tips

Better Lighting For The Home

We’ve gone over before the importance of having good lighting at home and how it can completely change the look of a room, practically as much as the paint color on the walls can- that’s a big deal.  Since then we’ve switched to LED bulbs and never turned back from the energy saving and infinitely better lighting benefits we’ve experienced because of it.  But is there a better LED bulb option for even better lighting than what we thought we already had?  I partnered with Cree to find out, testing their new generation of LED bulbs (you can find Cree bulbs in the lighting section of your local Home Depot store) and determining what the right bulbs are for the kind of light we love most in our home.

Read More

11/01 Life / Wedding

One Year of Marriage: Our Story

Exactly one month ago we celebrated our one year marriage anniversary.  Most would correctly note that this is just the beginning of our lives together, and while one year of marriage isn’t considered the biggest of feats, it’s so much more to us considering our decades long history of countless moments that got us to this point so far.

I’ve shared pieces of our story here and there, but I’ve never told it from start to finish, so in celebration of our first anniversary I thought I’d finally share the story of how we met and everything since that lead us to our marriage.  A big thanks to Helzberg Diamonds for partnering with me on this post, inspiring me with the story of their “I Am Loved” button to reflect on what it means to be loved, and for putting me in tears as I share about the person most important to me.   Read More

10/29 Printables / Seasonal/Holiday

Printable Modern 3D Paper Pumpkins

You ever notice how people get very into Fall decorating?  I’m undeniably in this group of fanatics and I’m betting most of you are too.  It’s so beloved because it gets us excited about all the celebrations, cozy moments, and slower living to look forward to in these upcoming best months of the year.  This is a lot of why October is my favorite month, and in case you’re feeling the same and are looking to get more of your fall decorating on too, I’ve partnered with my friends at Canon to share these 3D paper pumpkin printable templates (say that five times fast) and the very easy tutorial on how to assemble them.  Plus, we’re giving away the new Canon PIXMA TS9521C Crafter’s All-In-One Printer to one lucky winner to help you out with the rest of your holiday crafting- entry details at the end of the post! Read More

09/14 Food

No-Knead Bread Recipe

I had no idea how incredibly easy it is to make bread at home.  You don’t need a bread maker, any hard to find ingredients, or sophisticated kneading skills.  All it takes is 4 ingredients and a dutch oven to make fresh, delicious, crusty bread that you won’t be able to stop eating.  Partnering with Copper Chef to share this simple no-knead bread recipe, plus a giveaway for one winner to win a Wonder Cooker (link to enter is at the end of the post!) Read More