03/14 DIY Projects

DIY Small Rope Basket

A no-sew rope basket has been on my DIY list ever since that one time I made string bowls, which honestly weren’t that sturdy though were fun to make.  Using macrame rope this time, I love the natural and minimal look this basket has, and because I wanted to go smaller on the basket size I went with a thinner rope.  A thicker rope would work beautifully as well and would be even sturdier and easier since it wouldn’t require as many rows.  I’m doing that next time! Read More

03/08 Life

Wedding Update: We Set a Date!

Once upon a time, I witnessed two brides-to-be talking intensely at great lengths about their wedding planning and I wondered how there could be SO MUCH to talk about and I know I’m not going to be like that when it’s my turn right… but I completely get it, and I am that person now.  There is SO MUCH, even at this beginning point we just passed of picking a venue which I hope is the hardest part my goodness.  By some miracle we’ve finally come to a decision that we both feel good about and I’m going to talk about it with you guys while trying to not make you fall asleep.  There’s sort of a moral at the end of the story if nothing else! Read More

03/06 DIY Projects

DIY Wood Triangle Trivets

Is a home really a home without a trivet??  Of course it is, not sure where I was going with that.  Trivets are useful and they’re good to have, that’s all!  I was inspired by this one (first image) and wanted to make my own natural wood version, which turned out to be even easier than expected.  You could certainly stain or dye them, and you could also save yourself those steps and they’d be just as beautiful.  Do as you wish, as always. Read More

03/03 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

I managed to get sick with a cold on top of my other unfortunate situation so this week still wasn’t the best haha ugh, but things are finally starting to look up.  Feeling better, today is my last day of meds, and taking care of a very cute dog this weekend.  All is good!  Happy weekend <3 Read More

03/02 Monthly Favorites

February Favorites

Guys, I love this new monthly column so much.  I look forward all month to putting it together because it’s just plain fun and I hope you guys are enjoying it even the slightest bit.  This time around I’m sharing favs in makeup, skin care, jewelry, flowers, food, recipes, music, and movies.  Nothing new for the home or wardrobe rebuilding last month and I failed to finish the book I’m reading, ugh.  Spent most of February being sick and slow actually, but eager to pick things back up this month! Read More

03/01 My Home

3 Ways to Use a Cart in the Home

This is an especially fun one because we’re practicing two of my favorite things- styling, and playing around with how we might use the same piece in different rooms.  I love the simple effectiveness of changing up spaces just by moving around the furniture or decor, and of course figuring out that some things can serve multiple purposes and uses.  We’re going to do exactly that today with this Lexington Cart from Michaels, who I’m partnering with to share three ways to use a cart in your home! Read More