02/20 Inspiring Spaces

Minimal Kitchens

Been looking at kitchens more than usual, not that we can do anything with ours right now, but it’s the room I’m maybe most excited about in future home that I’m always taking notes for.  I also have a DIY for you soon that was unexpectedly inspired by one of these kitchens, weird!  You know what it is, these are all modern minimal design and the no-one-has-ever-used-them look HA, but I have faith that’s part of how functionally sound the spaces are and if nothing else, they’re dreamy and serene. Pick a favorite.

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02/10 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Tomorrow is Galentine’s Day with my girlfriends for brunch and then we’re going to watch Fifty Shades Darker haaaa.  I haven’t watched the first one.  Should I?  I never got on that craze and don’t know much about it.  I think I’m going to be laughing a lot.

I’ve been loving reading about your V-Day traditions on the post I shared earlier this week for the printable valentines.  It’s always fun to hear about the different ways everyone celebrates holidays.  In case you missed it, this was all part of the printer giveaway that’s still going on until Monday.  Check that out and enter here! Read More

02/08 DIY Projects / Seasonal/Holiday

DIY Rose Petal Garland Backdrop

Inspired by our own Valentine’s Day tradition of making a nice dinner at home, I wanted to do a simple decor DIY to help make the casual setting at home more special without breaking my back over it.  This rose petal garland backdrop is so so easy to do and took way less time than I anticipated, and the results are pretty cute.  You could even replace the petals with any flower heads, but I kept to the V Day classic and the bonus is that it smells REALLY good.  PS.  Galentine’s Day celebrators, this would make an excellent backdrop for your girly party.   Read More

02/06 Printables / Seasonal/Holiday

Printable Valentines + Canon Printer Giveaway

I haven’t always been hot about Valentine’s Day, but for me in recent years it’s become more about spreading love to anyone in any way you can, which I’m very down for.  I also think the creation of Galentine’s Day made the holiday so much funner and encourages letting people you care about know that you like them a lot (boys should definitely do a Guyentine’s Day although my gut says most would be fine with not).

With that in mind, I created these printable Valentines for you to give to your gals, friends, family, S.O., anyone you want to make smile.  Adding on to the fun, my friends at Canon are giving away a printer to a lucky HOM reader to celebrate the holiday and the launch of their new TS series printers!  Read More

02/03 Monthly Favorites

January Favorites

What I loved most about starting this monthly column was hearing from you guys what your favs are and getting recommendations on things you thought I’d like.  This is a really cool thing and is very welcome.  Chime in on anything, read each other’s comments, and discover something new!

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02/01 Style / Tips

Good Read: The Curated Closet + Wardrobe Minimalism

I picked up this book since I’m currently in this stage of ok, I spent a long time purging my closet of what I don’t love or no longer fits or was just janky and old and now that I have the cleanest slate for my wardrobe I’ve ever had I don’t want to screw this up again.  I was looking for advice on how to build and maintain a wardrobe where every single piece is worn and thoroughly loved, where I’d never feel the frustration of thinking I didn’t have anything to wear, and while I found all of this in The Curated Closet, what I loved most was the reaffirming message on minimalism and why it’s a very good and not impossible thing. Read More