04/05 Beauty

Current Skincare and Beauty Favorites

Something a little different for this month’s monthly favorites post!  Had a bunch of skincare and beauty products I’ve been loving over the past few months that I really wanted to share so decided to make that the focus this time, and we’ll resume with the random hodgepodge of discoveries next month :) Read More

03/30 Friday Links

Friday Links

We’ve been dedicating every free weekend lately to house hunting or finishing our wedding thank you cards.  Relieved to share that those are DONE and SENT and it feels like a huge weight lifted, mostly the weight of guilt even though I know no one cares how long it took us, but it’s a big deal to me like I can move on with my life now ha.

This weekend we’re taking a break with a short trip to Solvang, a little Danish town in Santa Barbara wine country, which I very briefly visited once before for wine tastings but didn’t try any of the Danish bakeries.  Will be making up for that.  Will also be taking you with in IG stories if you’d like to come along :)

Happy weekend <3. Read More

03/26 DIY / Seasonal/Holiday

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs- Food Safe!

It only took me two dozen eggs to figure out this year’s Easter egg DIY, a big improvement from last year’s three dozen eggs, but the fact still remains that this time of year means lots of egg salad around here (I will never do anything to an egg that makes it inedible!)  Read More

03/21 Travel

Maui Travel Guide

Felt like whenever people talked about their trip to Hawaii they’d express how much they want to go back and live there forever because coming back to real life is depressing in comparison.  I get it now, and have been wanting to go back since 5 months ago when we visited for the first time for our honeymoon! Read More

03/13 DIY

How to Make a Basic Ikebana Floral Arrangement

I was reminded while planning our upcoming trip to Japan of how I’ve really been wanting to try my hand at ikebana (came across classes to take and didn’t want to wait, so here I am!)  Ikebana is the Japanese art of floral arranging.  From what I’ve gathered in my short amount of practice, it’s about creating balance and flow, staying both true to nature while helping unfold its sculptural beauty, essentially building an ideal version of nature.

Its visual simplicity is a little deceiving!  At first it’s enticing to think that we’re making the most out of fewer flowers to create an interesting arrangement, like this can save the day if we need to make a centerpiece with very few flowers, but because there are fewer stems it begs extra consideration for every detail, the shape and form of every flower and leaf, of every bend in each stem, because each characteristic is showcased and seen.   Read More

03/09 Shop

15 Modern Minimal Table Lamps

Lately with my search for modern lighting options, I’m reminded of how it’s a hugely important detail that is often what makes a space feel finished.  While it clearly serves a function we need daily, it’s also that decorative detail that can style a space all on its own- well worth the time and careful consideration for what we choose.  Keeping to our much loved modern minimal style, I’ve partnered with Lumens to round up my favorite table lamps from their Design Event sale going on right now (these are all currently on sale!)  Sculptural in their simplicity and sized to move from corner to corner or room to room, see if any of these table lamps might be that finishing touch for your space. Read More