05/08 DIY Projects

DIY Copper Vases

This DIY takes me back to when I first started DIY-ing.  My favorite thing to do, and still what I consider the most gratifying type of DIY, was to take something old and make it new.  In most cases, all it would take is a fresh paint job.  It still gets me how some spray paint is enough to give life back to things that would otherwise go unloved, and I’ve partnered with Rust-Oleum to do exactly that with a couple of forgotten pieces I dug out of the storage closet. Read More

05/05 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Anyone with a blog or site knows just how frustrating it is when your host server goes down.  That was about half my day yesterday!  Sorry if you had trouble getting to the blog especially after I asked you to come see yesterday’s post, d’oh!  I think it’s all good now. Read More

05/04 Life

House Hunt Part 2: Open Houses

What fun is house hunting if you don’t go to some open houses??  None, I say!  In a constant effort to determine what we absolutely want and need for our first house, we spent a Saturday visiting a few open houses to answer some questions we had like what’s it like around that neighborhood, or is 850 sq ft as small as it seems?  In partnership with Realtor.com, I’m sharing part 2 of restarting our house hunt and what we’ve learned from our day long open house escapade. Read More

05/01 Seasonal/Holiday

5 Unique Summer Flowers

There are so so many flowers I love, for any season, and these are just 5 of them I like in the summer (right around the corner!) either because of availability or the look.  It’s hard enough picking only 5, so I definitely didn’t bother trying to rank them in order, but I did try to include some I haven’t talked about before to make this a little different.

We’re also going to play a game, which we’ll call ‘spot the fake flower.’  This month’s Michaels Makers Challenge is themed around summer florals and while I always always prefer my flowers to be real, I can get down with fake ones when they’re done well.  One of these is from Michaels, which I picked for how it’s one of my favs and based on how it fooled me the most.  Should be fun to see if it fools you too.  Let’s play. Read More

04/24 Life / Tips

30 Things I’ve Learned By 30

I came across this blog post topic/tag when I was 28, thought OO I want to do that when I turn 30, and drafted the post right then with just the title so that I could visit it here and there to write in whenever something came to mind, like a letter to myself.  And now it’s here- I turn 30 today! Read More