06/12 My Home

Living Room Update: Casual Seating

Adding seating to our living room has been a little tricky.  Seeing that I didn’t want to compromise the minimal feeling of the space, the ideal solution seemed to be not adding more seating at all, but we live here.  People come over, and even just two extra seats would make things a lot more comfortable and functional.  The other criteria I had for additional seating was for it to be visually light and airy, not block the light coming through that big window, and be easy to rearrange (think viewing parties with all seats in front of and facing the TV.  Very important life goal.) Read More

06/06 DIY Projects

DIY Hanging Frames

Inspired by some frames I saw in Copenhagen and using photos I took there, this is yet another time I’m going to be talking about Copenhagen, but with a DIY!  I saw hanging frames like these at a shop that were much larger and there was no way they would fit in my suitcase, as much as I wanted to take them home, and I hadn’t stopped thinking about them since.  Combined with the million photos I took while I was there, it felt like a really good idea to print some out and make some frames of my own, and I’ve partnered with my friends at Canon to show you how. Read More

06/02 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Dang this weekend came quick!  Extra excited for this weekend’s plans because they’re my favorite of all: dog-sitting and doing dog-friendly things in LA.  It’s our ticket to going to this one dog park that usually has swarms of dogs, where I’ve missed going there and playing with all of them and pretending like I’m a dog-owner who belongs there.  It’s kind of a dream.  One of these days we’ll get our own fur baby!!   Read More

06/01 Travel

One Day in Chicago

Chicago is one of my favorite places being that I spent the first 18 years of my life here.  It’s also where O grew up, where we met, and where some of our family and friends still live, so it’s guaranteed we make at least a yearly trip back.  The majority of our plans usually involve hanging out with family in the suburbs, but we also make sure to reserve one day for going to the city (yup, like Ferris Bueller’s day off with maybe more of a design-minded itinerary, ha.)  Visiting some favorite spots and adding on some new ones each time we go, here’s what we did the last time we spent one day in Chicago, in partnership with Uber which we relied on to get around city. Read More