01/18 My Home

5 Things in Our Home We Can’t Live Without

Disclaimer: we actually can live without these things, but the title makes it all sound funner.  This is dedicated to the unsung heroes in our home, the little things that make the day-to-day easier and aren’t regularly talked about or get any time in the spotlight, until today.  I easily could have shared more, but here are the first five functionally important items that came to mind.

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01/17 DIY Projects

DIY Marbled Soap

Yes, it’s much easier to buy bars of soap, but will it be marbled, smell like eucalyptus mint, and carry the pride and joy of knowing that you made it??  Replace that scent with something you like in case you don’t like eucalyptus mint.  Let me show you how. Read More

01/13 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

This week I’ve been looking through the reader survey results and what stunned me is how international the HOM readership is.  I had NO. IDEA.  I mean I knew, but not to this extent.  Want to see where you’re all from?? Read More

01/11 Monthly Favorites

December Favorites

Starting a new monthly column about any of my favorite things: products, decor, fashion, beauty, BOOKS (I’m moving those over to here from the monthly highlights posts), movies, TV, music, apps, Instagram accounts, anything that’s actually in my life and made my world better in the previous month, and it’s going to be FUN.  As a blog reader myself, I evaluated what I like reading blogs for, and the discovery of new things is near the top of the list.  This is also a nod to lifestyle YouTubers that post a video every month talking about stuff they like- those are always my favorite to watch!

I also want to mention this is a really good way to create a jumping off point for things to blog about.  I know many of you blog, or want to blog, and this is a small but helpful exercise towards figuring out what you want to write about.  I’ll extend some of these into full posts if I see extra interest from you guys, or even from myself.

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01/10 My Home / Tips

6 Essentials for a Functional Entryway

This little corner in our apartment has been tricky to figure out ever since we moved in, mostly because it’s not really an entryway but a very small space next to our door that was hard to keep from feeling cramped while we tried to figure out how to make it as functional as possible.  Much of it ended up being about finding the right pieces and being very, very patient about finding them.  I’ve gone through maybe four edits of this corner over three years before finally ending up here, and I could not be HAPPIER with it because every single thing serves a purpose- it’s perfectly minimal for us.  There isn’t anything I’d add or take away (for now), and I partnered with All Modern to share with you the pieces that make our entryway both functional and beautiful. Read More

01/09 Life

The Blog: What to Expect + Reader Survey

Ok ok, this is the last one of these new year posts and then we can move on to more fun stuff I promise, but hopefully you find it fun to fill out a really quick anonymous survey telling me more about yourself which can then help me with making this blog better for you.  Eh?  Eh??  Anyone??? Read More