12/20 DIY Projects / Seasonal/Holiday

3D Paper Stars Printable

Yes, because days before Christmas we all want to spend time making things since there’s absolutely nothing else to do and we’re all not busy, I get it!  I’ve got you guys in mind with this really easy DIY printable you can use for your gift wrapping this week.  It’s cute, it’s free, and they keep on giving because they can also be hung up like ornaments.  I actually did base these off of an ornament I got this year made of galvanized metal (you might’ve spotted it in my wood dowel tree DIY?) and partnered with my friends at Canon to share the paper version download with you! Read More

12/19 My Home

Better Wifi with Google Wifi

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I’m so pumped about this post because it touches on solving a problem we’ve had since the day we moved into this home.  Our internet has always been unreliable and weak.  We couldn’t connect to wifi the further we were in our home from the router and connections would still be shaky even nearby the router.  Especially working from home, this was a major pain that I put up with for way too long and really shouldn’t have.  I blamed the cable company and thought that this crappy internet was just our situation that we couldn’t do anything about.  Then we replaced the router with the Google Wifi system and it was evident: our old router was the problem!! Read More

12/16 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

OO it’s been a while since I did one of these + I felt like coming on here and quickly doing story time/giving a tiny update, how are ya?  Was this past month crazy for you too??

Near the end of November I was weeks into fighting a cold that wouldn’t quit and then I broke my pinky toe which W-O-W, I could not have known how much I used that thing until now having dealt with it hurting every time I did anything.  So I entered December coughing my brains out and unable to really walk, the worst part being that I couldn’t workout which I’ve shared with you guys before is my love and major for my mental health.  In short, I was having a hard time keeping my head up.

BUT. Read More

12/14 DIY Projects

Working from Home with Google Home


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This is the coolest update to our home this year, all without lifting a single tool or drilling a hole in the wall, one that has changed both the way I work and live here while also fulfilling my design-loving heart.  A new piece of technology that’s helpful and fits in with my decor?  That’s what I’ve always affectionately referred to as “the sweet spot”, when function and design combine perfectly. Read More

12/13 DIY Projects / Seasonal/Holiday

DIY Wood Dowel Tree

This started as a wall hanging but failed and ended up here, which is not a fail because the point was to make a Christmas tree alternative that doesn’t take up much space AND to have somewhere to hang some of my collected ornaments that didn’t make it onto our big or little tree.  How many trees is too many for one home??  We are now at three with this one, but they’re all in different rooms.  Let’s say one per room is a minimum, ok? Read More

12/12 Life / Seasonal/Holiday

The Person Who Made This Year Extraordinary

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I’ve forever believed that the best part of any gift, or the best gift itself, is the card, and while I’m not as consistent about writing cards as I’d like to be, the holiday season is the one time of year where I’ll give it my all.  This very likely stems from all the sentiments of gratitude centered around the holidays, and it being the end of the year naturally encourages us to reflect on the past year and the people who made it extraordinary.

It’s a very special and important practice to write to someone all the ways they’re appreciated, to let them know how much they mean to you and have helped you.  Approaching this ritual now as the year ends, I’m partnering with Hallmark Signature to give no ordinary card to no ordinary person who played the biggest role in making my year the best it could be, and to share with you guys a little on why. Read More