09/01 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Two exciting things about today: 1) We’re exactly one month out from getting married and 2) we leave for our bachelor/bachelorette parties.  I was positive I wouldn’t have one until I thought of it as less about a party for me and more as an excuse to travel somewhere I’ve always wanted to go with girlfriends I love, why not??  Planned out an itinerary of the spots I’ve kept noted on for so long and will share deets if it all works out for anyone planning on visiting Austin (anyone?) Read More

08/14 DIY Projects

How to Print Designs On Ceramics + Printable Designs

This is probably the easiest, coolest thing I’ve learned how to do in DIY decor and even cooler that it can be done with ceramics, which for me have sometimes been challenging to customize.  It’s usually sufficient to rely on hand drawing or painting on surfaces to achieve handmade/organic designs, but for more precise patterns and clean lines, using a printer makes it amazingly simple and quick.  I’m partnering with my friends at Canon to show you how to print designs on ceramics, specifically on these ceramic cups I’m using as desk organizers (links for downloads of these designs after the jump!) Read More

07/28 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

We’re in full blown wedding prep and I’ve started turning the gears for possibly a couple small DIY projects, which would be fun to show along the way but I won’t be sharing until after the wedding because suspense.  Ok not exactly, but some guests read this blog and I’d like to keep everything a surprise.  I also had my first wedding flub and accidentally sent the invitations to my old address (a mistake I’ve never made before with my mail whyyyy) so those are going to be late and it puts us behind schedule, but we’ll be fine :) Read More

07/27 Inspiring Spaces

Color Crush: Yellow for Interiors

I’ve never liked yellow, but as I’ve been seeing it a ton lately in modern interiors, I had an epiphany: yellow is basically a warm neutral, and I can get down with that.  It brings color and brightness but still melts easily into neutral palettes.  This is good news for those who love monochrome minimal style but feel like it can look cold and uninviting sometimes.  Especially with more golden mustard or earthy turmeric tones in soft textures like velvet, adding in those yellows is such a beautiful way to warm things up.  How do you feel about this color in the home? Read More