05/01 Seasonal/Holiday

5 Unique Summer Flowers

There are so so many flowers I love, for any season, and these are just 5 of them I like in the summer (right around the corner!) either because of availability or the look.  It’s hard enough picking only 5, so I definitely didn’t bother trying to rank them in order, but I did try to include some I haven’t talked about before to make this a little different.

We’re also going to play a game, which we’ll call ‘spot the fake flower.’  This month’s Michaels Makers Challenge is themed around summer florals and while I always always prefer my flowers to be real, I can get down with fake ones when they’re done well.  One of these is from Michaels, which I picked for how it’s one of my favs and based on how it fooled me the most.  Should be fun to see if it fools you too.  Let’s play. Read More

04/24 Life / Tips

30 Things I’ve Learned By 30

I came across this blog post topic/tag when I was 28, thought OO I want to do that when I turn 30, and drafted the post right then with just the title so that I could visit it here and there to write in whenever something came to mind, like a letter to myself.  And now it’s here- I turn 30 today! Read More

04/18 My Home

Why Lighting Matters

We’re going to talk about a topic I feel very passionately about, and then some. It started when we’d have people over and take casual group photos throughout the night. Later I’d look at these photos and it bothered me probably more than the average person how dingy and orange they turned out and I figured well that’s just what you get for taking a photo in the dead of night. Beyond the photos though, our entire place looked completely different at night, in a bad way, which brought me to a quick realization about an easily neglected part of home design: lighting. It matters a LOT. The way your home looks and the way you feel in it is significantly affected by the light and it is well worth making conscious decisions about it. Read More

04/12 DIY Projects

3 Simple and Modern DIY Wedding Favors

As an experienced wedding guest, I’d say the thing I care least about is the wedding favor.  This sounds like a pretty bad way to start this post, but let me explain!  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the effort, rather it’s that I won’t notice whether or not a favor is provided.  After all, the newlyweds just threw a huge party, fed you, and you had a great time.  What more could you want?

The extra detail is nice though and I agree that it’s a cute thing to do.  I thought about what kind of favor would be useful and not turn into a tchotchke that people might toss later with guilt and concluded the edible variety is the way to go, something for guests to snack on and enjoy on the way home or next day.  These three wedding favor ideas are super easy, customizable, and best of all can be eaten, and I’ve partnered with Paper Mart to add a DIY touch to their packaging to make it all even cuter.   Read More

04/11 Life

Restarting Our House Hunt

Remember a while ago when I mentioned we were looking for a house and then I never talked about it again?  That about sums up how it’s been going!  No real updates- haven’t been too motivated about it, and it can all be pretty frustrating.  We never graduated from casually looking at listings because the intimidation was overwhelming and we simply didn’t know what we were doing or how to get started.  But we’re picking it back up again because we painted a picture of how we want our future in married life to look and home ownership would be pretty darn nice- agreed!  We’re excited to be starting back up from the beginning and partnering with Realtor.com to share the details on what we’re looking for, what we’ve learned, and what our house hunting journey has been like so far. Read More