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Round Dining Table and Chair Combos

1. Chair | 2. Table | 3. Chair | 4. Table | 5. Chair | 6. Table | 7. Chair | 8. Table | 9. Chair | 10. Table | 11. Chair | 12. Table | 13. Chair | 14. Table | 15. Chair | 16. Table | 17. Chair | 18. Table | 19. Chair | 20. Table

I was reminded to put this roundup together while we were checking out some open houses and some of the kitchens had a small dining area/nook in addition to a formal dining room and I thought that was pretty darn nice.  With this area tending to be on the smaller side, I favor putting in a round table over any other shape.  It’s less corners to get pummeled by, easier to squeeze more chairs around in emergencies, and roughly takes up less space because of those missing corners.  In general we could consider these options small space friendly, ranging between 2 and 4 seats comfortably + more if space is generous. Read More

05/14 Inspiring Spaces / Travel

Rustic Scandinavian Design Inspiration from a Boutique Hotel

This post is sponsored by HotelTonight.

There’s endless home design inspiration to be had behind a computer screen, but to experience and live in a beautiful space if only for a few short days lends the most inspiration of all and is one of the many reasons why I LOVE staying at hotels.  I partnered with HotelTonight to share interior design elements I adored from a stay at The Landsby in Solvang that you and I might want to incorporate into our own homes too.  In all its modern and rustic Scandinavian aesthetics, this hotel is a prime example of achieving the perfect combo of style and comfort that we can all go for. Read More

05/09 DIY

DIY Mini Bouquets

It’s clear that we agree on mini versions of things being irresistible.  Simply reducing the size somehow makes it feel really special, in addition to the benefit of being easier to make more of and spread around if there are lots of people we want to show love to.  This makes mini flower bouquets a very cute small gift for the many mothers you might be celebrating this Mother’s Day, or as a party favor for whatever other occasion where there will be people who love flowers.  Either way, they’re easy and simple to put together with the following steps. Read More

04/26 Tips / Travel

How to Pack a Carry-On: Tips for Packing Light + What I Packed for Japan

I’ve had it in the plans for a while to do an updated and more detailed post about how I pack a carry-on for travel and realized quickly that this is a pretty personal topic!  It has everything to do with where you’re going for how long, what you’ll be doing there, what your comforts and priorities are, will there be a laundry machine and do you want to spend time doing laundry, there’s a good amount to consider and what works for me may very well not work for you, but I’ve got a few tips and tools that can be helpful regardless of these things. Read More

04/15 DIY

DIY Mini Cactus Planters


This post is sponsored by Aveeno.  Thank you for supporting brands that help bring fun and new ideas for you to discover and try!

I ask myself the same question each time I finish a jar of moisturizer- what can I do with this jar that feels way too nice to toss?  Maybe you ask yourself this too, and while I’ve most often repurposed jars for organizational storage, here’s an idea for something decorative for the home that will channel more of your creativity and bring in more of those very welcome Spring vibes.  In celebration of Earth Day, I’m partnering with Aveeno as a friendly reminder to recycle those empty jars or try this simple DIY to upcycle them into planters that are useful, adorable, and support a good cause of reducing waste in our landfills. Read More