11/16 My Home / Seasonal/Holiday

Modern Minimal Christmas Tree

Our tree is up!  Every year I like to put it up before Thanksgiving since that gives me more time to enjoy this favorite tradition without mourning that our time together was too short once I’m putting everything away come the new year.  Per usual tradition as well, I go with a theme for our tree and this year I’m feeling white, silver, and red.  Going back to classics but it still feels fresh!  Initially I had different plans but quickly changed them when I found these gorgeous ornaments, which are all from Michaels (including the tree!) who I’m partnering with for the Dream Tree Challenge to share how I put together our modern, minimal tree.  Read More

10/31 Style / Travel

5 Travel Packing Essentials

We’ve kept up pretty well with our goal to travel more this year, and with all that packing I’ve gotten my essentials down and have maybe even grown to enjoy the packing process (way more than unpacking, that’s for sure.)  No matter where I go or for how long I’m gone, I always try to pack light and never take more than a carry-on.  Here are 5 of my travel packing essentials that I take with me on every trip in partnership with Closca, a brand creating innovative and beautifully designed products like the new Closca Bottle + App.

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10/26 My Home

A Modern Way to Scent the Home + Giveaway

The last time we talked about finishing touches for the home, we covered lighting and how it’s one of those details you might not think of early on when designing your home, yet it makes an immense difference and shouldn’t be ignored.  Same goes for the topic of this post, which I’m realizing is one of if not the first thing I notice when I step inside of any space: SCENT.  Read More

10/25 DIY Projects / Seasonal/Holiday

DIY Patterned Pumpkins

I had no plans to make these pumpkins until I discovered very late that mini pie pumpkins exist and the next minute they came home with me.  Now if only they came in white!  I support keeping pumpkins the way they are, but opted instead to paint them in some favorite designs that would make them even more adorable.  It’s as simple as doodling and I’ll show you how I did it.   Read More

10/20 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Is it normal that I still don’t feel ready to come back to real life after our wedding and honeymoon??  It’s already been a couple weeks and I thought I’d be over it by now haha.  Some things that are probably contributing to the slump is that O has been out for town for work since we got back and I’ve hardly spent time with my new husband, and I’m dying to see our wedding photos/video but have to stay patient for a while.  Been struggling to get back on my rhythm, though still I’m happier than ever, really.  Read More