03/09 Shop

15 Modern Minimal Table Lamps

Lately with my search for modern lighting options, I’m reminded of how it’s a hugely important detail that is often what makes a space feel finished.  While it clearly serves a function we need daily, it’s also that decorative detail that can style a space all on its own- well worth the time and careful consideration for what we choose.  Keeping to our much loved modern minimal style, I’ve partnered with Lumens to round up my favorite table lamps from their Design Event sale going on right now (these are all currently on sale!)  Sculptural in their simplicity and sized to move from corner to corner or room to room, see if any of these table lamps might be that finishing touch for your space. Read More

03/02 Friday Links

Friday Links

We’ve slowly started back up on our house hunt and are still stuck at where we last left off, the biggest and most important part so really we haven’t gotten far at all: figuring out where exactly we want to be.  Location seems impossible to decide on when what you want doesn’t coincide with what you can afford (is this life or what!), especially in a city like LA, but we’re taking our baby steps now knowing it’s a very long road ahead that we’ll need a lot of patience for.  Planning on checking out a potential neighborhood, which I’m most looking forward to this weekend, and finallyyyyy getting our wedding thank you cards done hopefully please. Read More

02/27 Shop

15 Favorite Modern Sconces

I’ve been putting off forever trying to complete the reading nook in our living room, the missing pieces being the right plant, maybe a piece of framed art, and most importantly lighting.  I was on an endless on-again-off-again hunt for the perfect floor lamp, but after realizing that the lamp having a small footprint is a high priority, I pivoted and decided that a sconce might be better for the corner for both space and style.  Through my scouring of the internet for the perfect one, I’ve come across many that I love and compiled this list of favorites for you to check out (and share with me which ones you like, if you’d like!)  I’m almost 85% sure about the one I’m going to go with, the other 15% of me thinking a floor lamp is still a good idea, and once that’s figured out along with the other final details, I’ll for sure share the space here, hopefully soon!

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02/21 Food

A Slightly Healthier Thai Iced Tea

We couldn’t get enough of it at Thai restaurants, tried making it at home and found out how easy it is to make, realized that it’s a lot more decadent than we thought, so then we made our own adjustments to make it a little bit “healthier”.  I promise it’s still SO good, especially if you’re the type to prefer things that aren’t too too sweet and love the flavor of Thai iced tea like we do.

If it weren’t for how we want to drink Thai iced tea more often, I’d take the traditional route using sweetened condensed milk and make it a treat yourself occasion, but it also turns out that we love the taste of the tea itself and actually prefer it with a minimal amount of sweetness.  Point is, this is a recipe you should definitely play around with to figure out how you like it. Read More

02/16 Friday Links

Friday Links

Hi!  Friday Links continues.  Thanks to those that gave feedback last time I posted, and in general it’s always nice to hear from ya.  I’ll hold myself to sharing things I seriously love and truly find interesting.  I put good effort into up-keeping that so it means a lot that it goes appreciated.

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