01/26 Friday Links

Friday Links

Haven’t done one of these in a while!  Formerly “Friday Finds” but wanted to make the series title a little more straightforward so here we are with Friday Links.  For a bit I was thinking I wasn’t going to continue this series, but have heard from some of you consistently that you enjoy it, so I’d like to know- do you still feel that way? Read More

01/24 My Home / Tips

Wardrobe Drawer Organization

On an organizing kick lately, as you could probably tell!  The wardrobe is what I work on the most and often re-evaluate.  After all, it’s what I access and use daily, things are coming in and out of it very frequently, and thus it’s naturally where I notice the biggest life altering effects when I bring it back to order.

Once going through and paring down things that inevitably started piling up without getting used, I pinpointed a couple of drawers that could really use some better organization so that I could actually see what I have, and use them- what a concept!  As part of the Michaels Makers challenge this month, I utilized a few of their baskets for some really simple organizing that made a big difference in how I no longer dread opening these drawers.   Read More

01/22 My Home / Tips

5 Simple Daily Habits for Reducing Clutter

The best thing I ever did for our home and sanity was go through months of ruthless decluttering to minimize our possessions to only the things we loved and needed.  This by itself has made it infinitely easier to control clutter, but clutter still happens.  It’s one thing to create room for everything to have its place and another to consistently put things back in their place, which is where I struggle a lot.  It takes daily habits to maintain that order, and luckily they aren’t difficult nor time-consuming to do.  In partnership with Brooklinen, here are 5 simple daily habits to keep your home clutter-free. Read More

01/17 My Home / Tips

20 Things to Get Rid of In Your Home Right Now

Often times when we think we need to be better at organizing, what we really need is less.  When I start thinking to myself that I need more storage space, or a better shelving system, or more baskets, or more drawer thingies, I know it means things are piling up and it’s time to first turn to decluttering.  Some of those needs might actually be true, but it won’t be as obvious what organizational tools are really necessary until we get rid of the things we don’t want or need anymore. Read More

01/12 DIY Projects / My Home

Top 10 Blog Posts from 2017

Aside from this being a post I’m always curious to put together every year, I also do it to help determine what content to plan for the following year and to catch new readers up to speed about the happening things on the blog.  It’s a small first step towards figuring out what you guys like and what I can do better, and also feeling like woah this was all only last year??  Feels like forever ago!  Let’s see what were your favorites. Read More

01/08 My Home / Tips

4 Easy Ways to Style a Coffee Table

If there’s one place you can practice your at-home styling skills regularly and display your personality while making your space feel functional, it’s the coffee table.  Styling is often what’s missing when a space feels unfinished and while there are endless ways to go about it, it can be very simple too.  In partnership with Chesapeake Bay Candle and featuring candles from their Heritage Collection, here are 4 easy ways to style a coffee table.

Read More