01/27 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Sometimes it feels like I take the weekend hostage and set it free only as a reward for a productive week.  Admittedly this week was not as productive as I wanted and my wheels just weren’t turning, which never feels good, but I’m recognizing those kinds of things as reminders to take a break and be nice to myself.  So let’s do that and enjoy ourselves however we can, yea? Read More

01/24 DIY Projects / My Home

DIY Footed Vanity Tray

Trays.  They are much like my oddly enormous love for boxes.  It’s a simple way to turn a collection of items into a prettier display while also being a form of organization that’s really, really easy to maintain.   There isn’t a surface in our home that doesn’t have some kind of tray and it’s undoubtedly my favorite way to both decorate and organize, maybe second to boxes.  If you need someone to gush about design + function wins like these with, I’m here. Read More

01/23 Printables / Tips

Printable Weekly To-Do Sheet

I’ve tried a bunch of different things for organizing/planning my days and I’ve discovered a couple of things: 1) good old-fashioned pen and paper is my thing (Google calendar is clutch too, but I love having something tangible that doesn’t require me to get on a device to access which can then turn into a video watching binge leaving me wondering how could I have possibly spent an hour on that already) and 2) planning by the week is my preferred timeline.

I gathered some elements I’ve liked about different planners I’ve used and consolidated them into this compact weekly to-do sheet that’s great as a supplement to a monthly calendar (I mostly use that for more detailed editorial scheduling) or to just keep on the desk like a weekly notepad that stays in front of your face reminding you of what you want to get done so that you get it done.  My friends at Canon partnered with me to share the to-do sheet with you as a printable, and I’ll also show you how I use it + give suggestions on how to make it most worth your while! Read More

01/19 Design

Blog Theme Giveaway with Blogzilla

Going through the reader survey results, I was most curious to see how you guys would answer the question on what you wish you could do more of in your free time, and a recurring answer was either blog more or start a blog.  I very much know the struggle of putting in the time to blog or write, especially when our free time is scarce and spread thin among other important things, but maybe this giveaway could be a little push with a pretty new blog design (or to start one!) to get you feeling pumped to work on it, or maybe you’ve just been in need of a new look for your site.  I’m very excited to share that the team at Blogzilla is giving away a blog theme to an HOM reader, and I hope you love their designs as much as I do! Read More

01/18 My Home

5 Things in Our Home We Can’t Live Without

Disclaimer: we actually can live without these things, but the title makes it all sound funner.  This is dedicated to the unsung heroes in our home, the little things that make the day-to-day easier and aren’t regularly talked about or get any time in the spotlight, until today.  I easily could have shared more, but here are the first five functionally important items that came to mind.

Read More

01/17 DIY Projects

DIY Marbled Soap

Yes, it’s much easier to buy bars of soap, but will it be marbled, smell like eucalyptus mint, and carry the pride and joy of knowing that you made it??  Replace that scent with something you like in case you don’t like eucalyptus mint.  Let me show you how. Read More