07/14 My Home

Gallery Wall Update: A TV That Matches Our Decor

This is by far the most exciting thing to ever happen to our space, solving a problem that I know every design-conscious home has mourned over, and that is how to hide and minimize that big eye sore of a TV.  While that black screen at least fit in with the colors of our monochrome home, it felt like a dark void sucking the life out of the room.  I had put up a gallery wall of art around the TV in efforts to detract from it, but now with The Frame from Samsung, our TV is art.  It blows my mind daily that this thing exists.  We can now rejoice over not having to come up with ways to hide the TV, and I’m partnering with Samsung to share a bit more about it and what I’ve done to update this wall. Read More

07/10 DIY Projects

DIY Loop Handle Box

I regularly talk about my love for decorative storage, and what it comes down to is how it’s the prettiest way to keep counters clutter-free while maintaining those minimal aesthetics we all like, which is why you and I get along *fist bump*.  Customizing and redecorating containers to fit my style and space has thus become a very regular thing I do, and most times it’s way easier than searching for that perfect box that might not exist.  To makeover yet another small storage piece, I’ve partnered with Michaels to use the perfect craft paint for this really, really easy DIY. Read More

07/05 Inspiring Spaces

17 Modern Outdoor Spaces

During our house hunt restart I shared about how one of the biggest things we’re looking for in our first home is an outdoor space.  Since then, we’ve upgraded that to a non-negotiable criterion for our future home (outdoor space is now always checked off in our searches, so major).  It’s definitely the year-round beautiful weather here and most definitely these summer months that have us thinking a lot more about how much we want dinners al fresco, lounging daily in the sun, and throwing outdoor parties at our home if space provides, though I’ll take big or small for an outdoor area!  Till then, I’m admiring other spaces and like always, taking notes for what we dream our outdoor space will be like.  Are you into any of these spaces, too? Read More

06/23 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

This weekend we’re headed for our first adventure of summer, and it’s going to be HOT.  We’re taking an RV to Zion with our friends and hiking the national park.  It’s going to be 93 degrees.  Omg.  Then we’re going to do one night in Vegas.  It’s going to be 113 degrees there.  OMG.  In other words, my comfort zone will be severely tested and I’ll be melting, but also making some fun and sweaty memories.  Stay cool this weekend, and make sure to spend lots of time away from your devices, after checking out these links of course! Read More

06/21 Travel

One Day in Los Angeles

This is maybe the hardest post I’ve ever had to put together.  It simply isn’t possible to fit all my favorite places in my very loved city of LA in one day- it’s too close to my heart!  The biggest challenge is that LA is enormous and if this were to really be about my top favorite spots only, there would be too much time lost traveling between points since they’re so spread apart.  So we’re focusing on an itinerary that’s both geographically conscious and satisfies the first time visitor who wants to feel like they experienced a little bit of everything LA has to offer.  In partnership with Uber, here’s what to do with only one day in LA- but please, if you can, try to get more than one day here.  You’ll love it, I promise. Read More