01/08 Monthly Highlights

December Highlights

Oops, I missed doing November but I added in a couple of those highlights into this one for a post that feels pretty out of season but hey, I’m down for holiday memories whenever!  We had a super quiet holiday, ate a lot of Chinese food, and it was mostly us two doing a lot of dog-sitting, which was super chill and kind of a dream but also made me think about how I hope this was our last holiday season without kids.  I really missed seeing the babies in both our families and all the holiday wonders are really best seen through their eyes.  But I totally, certainly, very much appreciate being able to spend time just us two.  Plus dogs <3 Read More

01/05 Life

2017 Goals

I feel a mix of contradictory things that are making it a struggle to write this post and hope you’ll stick with me through what I intend to end on a positive note.  I both look forward to and dread goal setting, much in the same way that I came into 2017 pumped about another year of blogging but still felt a large part of me hurting from the burnout and general antsy-ness over what I want the future to look like. Read More

01/04 My Home

Desk Organization Updates

This corner regularly changes and though they’re mostly small ones, it all has to do with this being the place where I spend 83% of my time.  It takes a lot of attention to maintain tidiness and organization exactly because my being here so much means it gets messy often.  I stay very aware of when I’ve outgrown a system or when I’m in need of updating storage solutions, staying in line with the best advice I’ve come across for keeping things straight which is to make sure every single thing has a proper place to live.  Sounds like a no brainer, but there was a time when I’d just toss things on counters and maybe roughly group them in piles, usually because I had to for making dusting easier.  Not ideal for keeping track of things! Read More

01/03 DIY Projects

Top 10 Posts From 2016

Welcome back!  Hope your holidays were relaxing and everything you needed :)

This is such a fun post to do not only to take a look back before we get into the New Year, but also to see what kinds of projects you guys like most (based on view count and general interactions I can recall, it’s very scientific).  I’m not too surprised by anything on this list since most of these were my personal favorites too.  Take a look and see if you might’ve missed any of these projects from last year, or leave a comment letting me know your fav, whether or not it made this list!

Read More

12/21 Life / Monthly Highlights

2016 Highlights + Happy Holidays

It’s here guys, the last post of 2016!  Recapping some of my favorite moments mostly outside of the blog from my monthly highlights posts to remember what a great year it was.  This was seriously, honestly, the best year, and it doesn’t matter that I probably say that every year because I truly mean it.  At the foundation of it all is feeling immensely grateful that I get to do what I love and be with people that I love.  That includes you (I don’t shy away from being sappy, here it comes). Read More

12/20 DIY Projects / Seasonal/Holiday

3D Paper Stars Printable

Yes, because days before Christmas we all want to spend time making things since there’s absolutely nothing else to do and we’re all not busy, I get it!  I’ve got you guys in mind with this really easy DIY printable you can use for your gift wrapping this week.  It’s cute, it’s free, and they keep on giving because they can also be hung up like ornaments.  I actually did base these off of an ornament I got this year made of galvanized metal (you might’ve spotted it in my wood dowel tree DIY?) and partnered with my friends at Canon to share the paper version download with you! Read More